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It is held on "Umeda snowman Festival 2018" music live Saturday, December 8!

It is Umeda district during 11/3 (soil, celebration) - Tuesday, December 25 for 2,018 years
"Umeda snowman Festival 2018" that we hold.

In Whity Umeda, we perform music live on Saturday, December 9♪
Appearance runs kogakusyu (kogakusyusho);!
We produce original music in order to convey splendor of traditional Japanese music device,
Musical piece is used in TV show and is band attracting attention from many aspects.
Fully taste Christmas song to play with traditional Japanese music device☆

Appearance: "We run kogakusyu" (kogakusyusho)
The date and time: Each 12/8( soil) ① 14:00 ~② 16:00 ... time around 30 minutes
Place: Whity Umeda SUNNY TERRA

Detailed contents of Umeda snowman Festival 2018 look at the following link.