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Golden Week ♪ Whity workshop holding ♪ Sunday, April 29, 2018, 30th Monday /5 four days a month Friday, 5th Saturday

For Golden Week of this year, we have a handmade experience in Whity Umeda♥
On 2018 4/29( day), 30 Monday and 5/4( iron), 5 Saturday,
We hold Whity workshop♪

Moss ball, terrarium which becomes interior,
Do you not handcraft pretty sweets bus bomb (bath powder)?

✾4/29( day) kokegyoku✾
We wrap houseplant in keto soil in a circle and put moss.
Completed moss ball is put on the dishes
Let's display in room as interior.

◆4/30( moon) terrarium◆
We place different green of length in glass
We put stone and tree, animal and make small forest.
Let's enjoy green art of healing at palm size♪

[4/29, 30 participation method]
・Time ① 13:00 ~② 14:00 ~③ 15:00 ~④ 16:00 ~⑤ 17:00 ...
    Time required around 45 minutes
・We distribute rearranging ticket of all times from rearranging ticket distribution 12:30. The first 60 people.
       We finish acceptance as soon as we reach capacity.
       It becomes chisel rearranging ticket distribution for the day of the event.
・Each capacity time 12 people

☆5/4( iron), 5 Saturday sweets bus bombs☆
The making of pretty bus bomb such as cake★
We squeeze cream and attach topping and are completed.
Let's make original bath powder that bathtime becomes happy!

[5/4, 5 participation method]
・Time from 12:00 to 18:00 (occasional acceptance) time required around 45 minutes
    The first 100 people. We finish acceptance as soon as we reach capacity.

<< each workshop participation condition >>
If we show either following ① or ② at reception desk on the day,
We trade with rearranging ticket.
①Use receipt (we limit for the day) in halls more than 1,000 yen (tax-included)
②Contribution screen which we added "# Whity Umeda" to in Instagram
(as for the follow of Whity Umeda formula account, required)

※①As for this, ② becomes once about 1 account with one piece of receipt once.