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Is it spring Why tea? The second "herb tea PARTY of flavor and healing" Saturday, March 24, 2018, 25th Sunday holding!

Two days to be able to enjoy tea break of healing while seeing cherry blossoms in WHITY✿

"Spring Why tea" The second!
"Herb tea PARTY of flavor and healing,"
We hold on Sunday on Saturday, March 24, 2018, 25th!

Three kinds of herb tea which we blended for woman originally
You can enjoy♪

●Mind and body want to be relaxed together
≪Fatty tuna sweet sum tea of four kinds of fruit and herb≫
It is strawberry, kumquat, satsuma mandarin orange, apple ・ to base with harmony among Okayama tea
We blend Rose hips Elder berry.
Fatty tuna - rimattari heals daily hard every day in sweet flavor and taste♥

●Daily life is slightly being tiring with hardware
≪Fruit that soup of circulation is red and tea (non-caffeine) of Louis BOSS≫
It is Rose hips hibiscus Nettle Leef ・ to base with Louis BOSS red
We blended Louis BOSS green coriander seed milk Thistle,
Tea with acidity of soft taste.
He/she gives the circulation body a good shine to body which is slightly being tired☆

●We are worried about cold, and there is usually much eating out
≪Adzuki bean and pigeon wheat incense bashi herb stem roasted tea≫
Stem roasted tea, hatomugi, marouburu ・ from Kagoshima in adzuki bean to base
We blend field horsetail ginkgo.
It is tea which can be relieved at flavor of fragrant roasted tea and sweetness of adzuki bean♪

✿Please participate by either following method✿
・We respond in Whity Umeda formula SNS (Twitter, Instagram)
・It is in three places (in front of SUNNY TERRA, IZUMINOHIROBA, FARURU) in hall,
We attach the following hashtags and post decoration image of flower on SNS
"# Whity Umeda"
"A lot of # WHITY flowers"
"Field of flowers where # WHITY butterfly flies"
・Person who does not have SNS account,
We show (tax-included) for use receipt 500 yen in Whity Umeda building on the day

✾Conduct time, place ✾11:00 - 19:00 ※It is finished as soon as we disappear
(open space before B-R 31 Ice Cream and ARROW TREE. Place connected to HEP FIVE in basement)

We drink fragrant herb tea while looking at this flower cute on the weekend and,
A time of healing. . .