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[how to walk of Whity Umeda] "Let's live with / pretty miscellaneous goods to buy thing can I get a minute?" and issue VOL5 on Wednesday, March 7, 2018!

Magazine "how to walk of Whity Umeda" VOL5 in hall
"Let's live with / pretty miscellaneous goods can I get a minute? to buy thing"
We issued on Wednesday, March 7 in 2018!

Double-A side specifications which can enjoy two contents this time from table and the back♪

It is edition "to buy thing can I get a minute?",
harusaki sweets and reward sweets, discerning bread,
As for something Wine or sake,
There are full of delicious things with daily life as luxury☆

"Let's live with pretty miscellaneous goods" and is edition,
More houses are lineups in item to come to like!
Solve spring this and that; is helpful, and show around Shop search.
With the column series "femininity improving laboratory" fifth,
We live clearly! We introduce rule of arranging and storing.

As there is "how to walk of Whity Umeda" booklet in LAC in hall,
Take freely.
(you can see from the following link!)

Utilize the turn of the seasons, how to walk of Whity Umeda,
Please spend wonderful every day✿