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Production secret story of illustration of each Osaka 6 underground shopping center combination event "spell of 6 basement labyrinths (dungeon) and demon king" characters

Of "Yoyogi Animation Gakuin as for this character illustration
Eight "future top illustrators" drew!

In IZUMINOHIROBA, life-sized panel of "demon king" and "princess" appearing by this event comes up from March 11!

With "characters" having high completeness during event period,
All of you fun give "demystification" having rather high degree of difficulty by all means
Production cooperator (nom de plume)
Hiroshima school: riju
Sendai school: Namegawa and others Island
Osaka school: shoa
Osaka school: Ikoma
Nagoya school: hotohori
Nagoya school: Etiquette
Nagoya school: MIZUNO
Nagoya school: KOUKI
(honorific title abbreviation)

Yoyogi Animation Gakuin

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