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Whity workshop holding ♪ It is Sunday on 25th on Saturday for /2 24 days a month on Sunday on Saturday, 18th for /2 17 days a month on Sunday for Saturday, 11 days for /2 ten days a month on Sunday for Saturday, February 3, 2018, four days

In February, 2018, it is held every week!
On Saturday, Sunday of the weekend, we hold Whity workshop♪
For Valentine, do you not handcraft cute heart-shaped item?
We can challenge much-talked-about bonsai and the making of gel candle now!

♥2/3( soil), 4 Sunday HEART BOX♥
Put preserved flower in the heart-shaped pretty box
We are arranged by oneself preference.
Of Valentine present, besides,
Do you not handcraft good present in celebration of important person including birthday?

♡Lease heart-shaped on 2/10( soil), 11 Sunday♡
If we display slightly sweet heart-shaped lease in room,
It is sure that Valentine feeling becomes lively, thing!
Artificial flower (artificial flower) which is of variety richness
We use, and let's make stylish decoration.

✾We make bonsais on 2/17( soil), 18 Sunday✾
The making of bonsai to be able to enjoy from beginner to senior.
We can learn basic how to make bonsais.

✦2/24( soil), 25 Sunday gel candles✦
In nothing to choose among petty person keeping in many kinds favorite,
Pretty original candle to put sand of favorite color, and to make.
We can easily make even child if we put gel in the finish as it is completion.

[each workshop participation method]
・Time → ①12:00 ~② 13:00 ~③ 14:00 ~④ 15:00 ~⑤ 16:00 ...
    Time required around 45 minutes
・Rearranging ticket distribution → We distribute all rearranging ticket from 11:30.
 ※The first 60 people. We finish acceptance as soon as we reach capacity.
 ※We distribute rearranging ticket of event for the day.
・Capacity → Each time 12 people
・Participation condition → If we show either following ① or ② at reception desk on the day,
      We trade with rearranging ticket.
①Use receipt (limitation on that day) in halls more than 1,000 yen (tax-included)
②Contribution screen which we added "# Whity Umeda" to in Instagram
(as for the follow of Whity Umeda formula account, required)
 ※①As for this, ② becomes adaptation about 1 account with one piece of receipt once once.