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Whity CLEARANCE from Monday, January 15, 2018 to Wednesday, January 31 holding♪

In Whity Umeda, it enlivens winter fashion still more
We are starting "clearance sale" on Monday, January 15, 2018!

As for Tops or "the fur coat" which are "sleeve conscious,"
Let alone trendy item which can enjoy quality of this season,
Until services such as miscellaneous goods and cosmetics, relaxation,
Now when both that and this are in special price is desire!

As there is item becoming advantageous than sale,
Without passing over☆

Following sale Rika Izumi (izumirika)
We pay attention to poster in hall serving image character♪

Rika Izumi sanichioshino, clearance sale of Whity Umeda,
Until Wednesday, January 31!
Until the last last, please enjoy♪♪