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"Whity Umeda foundation celebration" Friday, November 24, 2017 holding!

Day when Whity Umeda becomes most advantageous in one year!
On Friday, November 24, 2017, it is foundation celebration of Whity Umeda!
All the buildings sale only for 1st!

With everyday thanks, it is reduction festival of approximately 190 stores★
In large discount point doubling!
As for the contents of sale, please see flyer entering rack in hall.
(you can see from the following PDF)

In addition, foundation celebration of this year is not only advantageous!
Events are varied, too♪
[advantageous general election]
We present luxurious prize by lot if we win "the advantageous first place!" wonderfully!
In addition, there is W chance, too ♪ We present wonderful prize by the first arrival with exchange ticket!

[hashtag campaign]
We take a picture in Whity Umeda,
Attach hashtag of "# Whity Umeda foundation celebration"
We present luxurious prize by lot when we improve in SNS☆
Anything OK's shooting in Whity Umeda♪
 ✦Special site✦

You vote and post, and do shopping.
Let's get Toku by foundation celebration of Whity Umeda♪