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It is Sunday on 19th on Saturday for /11 18 days a month on Sunday for Saturday, 12 days for /11 11 days a month on Sunday for Whity workshop holding ✿2017 age Saturday, November 4, five days

We continue for three weeks in November, 2017!
On Saturday, Sunday of the weekend, we hold Whity workshop♪

Autumn of art.
Her barium aquarium suwaggu which becomes wonderful interior
Do you not handcraft?

✿11/4( soil), 5 Sunday her barium✿
Interior of fascination that we can appreciate for a long time!
The making of her barium which is stylish using flower you like freely
We can experience.

✾11/11( soil), 12 Sunday aquariums✾
The small underwater world to put waterweed in the bottle, and to make!
Set LED light under the bottle,
We can enjoy the making of fantastic original bottle☆

❁11/18( soil), 19 Sunday suwaggu❁
Put flower and plant like winter together freely,
We challenge the making of suwaggu!
Let's take in as the entrance and indoor wall decoration in room♪

[each workshop participation method]
・Time ① 12:00 ~② 13:00 ~③ 14:00 ~④ 15:00 ~⑤ 16:00 ...
    Time required around 45 minutes
・Rearranging ticket distribution 11:30 - distribution start first arrival 60 people
       (we finish acceptance as soon as we reach capacity)
・Each capacity time 12 people
・Place 11/4( soil), 5 Sunday, 11 Saturday, 12 Sunday → SUNNY TERRA
    11/18( soil), 19 Sunday → PETIT NOUTH PARK
・On the day of the participation condition event at Whity Umeda store of the use
      Please show receipts more than tax-included 500 yen at reception desk.
      (because of one piece of receipt, it is limited once per person effectively)