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We see and walk town of walk ... Kita neighborhood, and Asahi laboratory GARDEN sponsorship "Whity Umeda" "Sonezaki neighborhood" is held on Saturday, November 18 in & okonomiyaki experience - 2017!

※Image is image

"Osaka Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Co. building" which is connected in Whity Umeda and basement.
In 4F of building, it is communication space of SHOKU and health
There is "Asahi laboratory GARDEN".

By sponsorship of this "Asahi laboratory GARDEN,"
On 2017 Saturday, November 18,
Look at "Whity Umeda" "Sonezaki neighborhood", and walk town of walk ... Kita neighborhood; & okonomiyaki experience ...
We hold this!

We search for Sonezaki neighborhood of the for the first time Tenjin Street area from Whity Umeda this time.
As for visit of place not to be able to usually enter and thing which we are apt to overlook, the recent topic,
We can come across unusual town!

In addition, wait; of partner of walk, "Kita entertainment district environment purification promotion meeting"
Of "Osaka underground shopping center" managing Whity Umeda by cooperation of member
The person in charge acts as dragoman.

And finally, it is instruction of "okonomiyaki YUKARI",
We experience culture made with genuine okonomiyaki.

You wait, and, after walk, please answer simple questionnaire.

[the date and time]
Saturday, November 18, 2017
From 10:00 to 12:40 (160 minutes)
※We accept soon and, for a lot of applicants, are finished.

30 people

Guidance: Osaka underground shopping center company, Kita entertainment district environment purification promotion meeting
Cooperation: Institute for okonomiyaki YUKARI, city space plan

[entrance fee]
Free of charge

[application condition]
※One that has visited Kita entertainment district in one 18 years or older or one to know.
※One where waits alone for around one hour, and can do walk.
(person needing assistance, please make arrangement by yourself.)

※To e-mail address where only won one was registered with within one week before the date
I will inform by email.
※As you wait for around one hour and do walk, please participate with clothes, shoes comfortable to walk in.
※We deliver picture in laboratory on the regular Internet. Thank you for your understanding.
※In the case of rain, I would like preparations for rain outfit by yourself.
※Please refrain from participation with child.
※Meeting place of this event becomes the first floor of the Osaka Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Co. Building elevator hall.

"Asahi laboratory GARDEN"