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"Happy Halloween! It is held on Sunday, September 24 for floral terrarium workshop in SUNNY TERRA 2,017 years✿

Do you not make interior flower of wonderful flower?✿
In Whity Umeda on 2017 Sunday, September 24,
"Happy Halloween!
Floral terrarium workshop in SUNNY TERRA"
We hold this!
Display floral terrarium in room this autumn
Let's enliven Halloween feeling♪

✿With floral terrarium✿
It is interior flower admiring flower with container of glass.
With floral buffet, we choose own favorite flower.
♡ is kind to container of round terrarium softly☆
We put flower and make.

✿Holding time
①12:00 ② 13:00 ③ 14:00 ④ 15:00 ⑤ 16:00 
All five times (as for the acceptance start from 11:00)
✿The time required
Approximately 30 minutes, each time 20 people ※One limit per person
✿Participation method
Receipts (we drink for shopping on the day effectively) more than tax-included 500 yen
Bring to receptionist of SUNNY TERRA.
I hand rearranging ticket of each time.

※We finish acceptance as soon as we reach capacity of each time.
※Even if it is the start time, even person having rearranging ticket does not come back
Case leads wanting customer to seat at any time elsewhere.