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8/26( soil), Sunday, August 27 "tropical ice campaign" Whity Umeda SNS follow campaign is held!

For two days of 8/26( soil), Sunday, August 27,
As Whity Umeda SNS follow campaign,
We carry out "TROPICAL ICE campaign"!

During period, we respond in official Twitter, formula Instagram of Whity Umeda,
When we have you show follow screen at reception desk of IZUMINOHIROBA,
We present one cup of tropical mini-snow cone to the first 500 people in every day!
Watermelon, Citrus aurantium, tropical peach lemon pop emerald pine
You have a choice between no, five flavor♪

As soon as, with both days, it is not first-come-first-served basis for from 11:00 to 19:00 for reception hours either
It becomes the end.

Respond at SNS of Whity Umeda, by all means this opportunity,
Please make pleasant memory of summer end★

●Whity Umeda formula Twitter

●Whity Umeda formula Instagram