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We distribute on Tuesday, August 1 in Whity Umeda "gourmet coupon" 2017 and start!

From Tuesday, August 1, 2017,
We distribute "Whity Umeda gourmet coupon"!

Delicious information full loading of 71 stores of Whity Umeda!
From rack of setting in hall, take freely♪
On the use, you separate right coupon part, and please show.

Furthermore, collect three pieces of seals to get by the store use,
When we put inside the frame of page of the coupon booklet last and apply,
Wonderful prize hits by lot!
For more details, the very last page of gourmet coupon booklet
Please see.

You eat in discount with gourmet coupon of Whity Umeda, and drink,
We do shopping and will put luxurious premium☆

※On the use, please be careful on expiration date.
(8/31( tree) there are three kinds on 9/30( soil), Tuesday, October 31)