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8/5( soil), Sunday, August 6 "Whity Umeda SNS follow campaign" is held for 2,017 years!

For two days on 2017 8/5( soil), Sunday, August 6,
"Whity Umeda SNS follow campaign"
We hold!

During period, we respond in official Twitter, formula Instagram of Whity Umeda,
When we have you show follow screen at reception desk of SUNNY TERRA,
You can enjoy yoyo fishing to the first 150 people in every day!

Furthermore, photograph which we photographed at summer festival photo spot of SUNNY TERRA,
Hashtag of "# Whity Umeda" "# WHITY summer festival"
To 100 people the first in one, every day when we had we attach, and SNS improve,
We present mini-fleshy plant!

It is the end as soon as it is not from 10:00 to 19:00, first-come-first-served basis for reception hours with both days either.

Respond by all means at SNS of Whity Umeda, this opportunity,
Please enjoy feeling in the summer☆

●Whity Umeda formula Twitter

●Whity Umeda formula Instagram