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Saturday, July 22, 2017, 23rd Sunday "smart town play Umeda yukata festival 2017" holding!

For two days on Saturday, July 22, 2017, 23rd Sunday,
"Umeda yukata festival 2017" is held!

We can experience "Bon festival dance" and "sprinkled water" which are summer feature in Umeda,
Events of yukata which is pleasant in commercial facilities of each site in Umeda and shop are varied★
In addition, the eve is held on Friday, July 21, too☆

In Whity Umeda, the INFORMATION DESK staff wears yukata
We entertain all of you!
In addition, we carry out "yukata de hospitality" in the following shop♪
・Meat bal TAJIMAYA of butcher shop
・Maison de FLEUR
・LEUN umeda shop
・Cafe de Campagne
・Lois CRAYON relaxation

The details of hospitality contents click the following link and,
"35 please see Whity Umeda" column☆

In addition, SNS photo campaign is held, too!
Enjoy summer in "yukata"; take a picture,
When we post photograph which we attach hashtag "# Umeda yukata festival" and photographed,
Wonderful present hits by lot!
In Whity Umeda SUNNY TERRA of yukata festival specifications
We transform ourselves into photospot ☆() that it is cf. image second piece (※ image image)
You take photograph in SUNNY TERRA, and please apply!

"Umeda yukata festival" to enliven the whole Umeda area.
Come to WHITY with yukata by all means on Sunday on Saturday, July 22 and 23rd♪♪