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[how to walk of Whity Umeda] VOL2 "becomes beautiful from Umeda sweets pocket notebook / today!" Friday, June 30, 2017 issuance!

Magazine "how to walk of Whity Umeda" VOL2 in hall
o "becoming beautiful from Umeda sweets pocket notebook / today,"
We issued on Friday, June 30 in 2017!

This time again "Double-A side specifications."
You can enjoy content that it is from from the surface and the back side, and was different♪

In "Umeda sweets pocket notebook" edition,
Instagenic Sweets photogenic deliciously,
Only now comfortable shimenaiichioshi-limited sweets,
As for the warm sum sweets of healing,
Only as for the thing which all this wants to eat♡
We introduce cafe which is just right for break that is doing shopping♪

"We become beautiful from today!" In hen,
Solution to curious summer SOS including make break.
Method to fit immediate effect beautiful woman by the professional skill quickly,
Contents of man who wants to begin now in the summer full until care!
In addition, it is column series "femininity improving laboratory",
We publish "pit of ultraviolet ray measures".

As there is "how to walk of Whity Umeda" booklet in LAC in hall,
Take freely.
(you can see from the following link!)

You are almost summer, and can turn from now on,
Please utilize how to walk of Whity Umeda sufficiently♪