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[how to walk of Whity Umeda] VOL1 "favor of meat in temptation / office! Commuting clothes Friday, May 12, 2017 issuance!

Magazine "how to walk of Whity Umeda" VOL1 in hall
"We favor in temptation / office of meat! Line on commuting clothes 2017 Friday, May 12!

You can enjoy content that it is from from the surface and the back side, and was different this time,
It becomes "Double-A side specifications"!

In "temptation of meat" edition,
One action introduces meat world of dazzling WHITY!
Eye transfixes to meat which is full of a feeling of sizzle; ...♪

"We favor in office! In commuting clothes edition,
From de-mannerism commuting clothes feature to choose for impression,
We suggest to suit-style of man.
In addition, it is column series "femininity improving laboratory",
We publish how to take picture of photographs course performing "instagenic"☆

As there is "how to walk of Whity Umeda" booklet in LAC in hall,
Take freely.
(you can see from the following link)

We overlook, and meat enthusiast prohibits strictly!
Fashion coordination by all means for reference!
Please utilize how to walk of Whity Umeda♪