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"Hanasaki or festival" Whity Umeda formula SNS follow-up campaign!

During "Hanasaki or festival" from Friday, March 17, 2017 to Friday, March 31 period,
When we have official Twitter, formula Instagram of Whity Umeda respond,
Cheese tart "Pablo mini" in total every day for 200 people hot from the oven plane
We present one♪
(once limit per person)
At reception desk of IZUMINOHIROBA, SUNNY TERRA, please show follow screen!

It is this about "Pablo mini"↓

Furthermore, photograph decoration of Whity Umeda during period,
#Attach Hanasaki or hashtag of festival # Whity Umeda
From one that had SNS improve,
Hand cream set of L'Occitane is presented by lot by ten people!

Whity Umeda formula SNS where there is a lot of advantageous information,
Please respond at this opportunity☆

The "Hanasaki or festival" details are this↓

Whity Umeda formula Twitter

Whity Umeda formula Instagram