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[how to walk of Whity Umeda] Vol.6 "art of WHITY utilization of man" Friday, March 17 issuance!

Magazine [how to walk of Whity Umeda] Vol.6 "art in hall of WHITY utilization of man,"
We issued on Friday, March 17!

This time for various places of man of the world,
We introduce art of utilization to manage Whity Umeda smarter!

From shop helping business scene,
Shop which can solve o which "was in trouble!" of emergency
Contents various to handy bar!
There is coupon "to nominate" man for!

"imakore!" of back cover Then we guide thing Koto who is good to new life.
This is check required, too!

As rack in hall has "how to walk of Whity Umeda" booklet,
Take freely.
(you can see from the following link)

You inflect sufficiently, and please make use of man's looks degree for improving☆