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2017.08.218/26 Saturday, Sunday, August 27 "tropical ice campaign" Whity Umeda SNS follow campaign is held!

For two days of 8/26( soil), Sunday, August 27,
As Whity Umeda SNS follow campaign,
We carry out "TROPICAL ICE campaign"!

During period, it is ho...

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2017.08.21 United Nations refugee assistance campaign is held!

We protect refugees. We support refugees. Association of United Nations UNHCR

People whom hometown was driven to by dispute and persecution overnight.
Their life as an evacuee may last to ten several years.
Point is days in uneasiness not to be able to see...

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2017.08.028/5 Saturday, Sunday, August 6 "Whity Umeda SNS follow campaign" is held!

For two days of 8/5( soil), Sunday, August 6,
"Whity Umeda SNS follow campaign"
We hold!

Instagr official during period official Twitter of Whity Umeda...

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We distribute on 2017.08.01 Whity Umeda "gourmet coupon" Tuesday, August 1 and start!

From Tuesday, August 1,
We distribute "Whity Umeda gourmet coupon"!

Delicious information full loading of 71 stores of Whity Umeda!
From rack of setting in hall, take freely...

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2017.07.25vape studio (beipusutajio) Tuesday, August 1 opening!

Kansai first to go out shop!
Shop "vape studio" (beipusutajio) of electronic cigarette
On Tuesday, August 1, we opened!

Specialty store of next-generation electronic cigarette "VAPE" (beipu)....

For more information:

2017.07.25Speed small face Tuesday, August 1 opening!

In PETIT CHANP area store specializing in small faces "Speed small face"
On Tuesday, August 1, we opened!

Please drop in by all means at this opportunity!

For more information:

2017.07.22Miru+ (mill plus) Saturday, July 22 reopening!

On Saturday, July 22 "MENICON" of SOUTH MALL,
"Miru+" We change store's name to (mill plus),
It was reopened!

It is luck ndemitekudasa with foot by all means at this opportunity...

For more information:

2017.07.21ITS' DEMO (ITS’ DEMO) Friday, July 21 reopening!

On Friday, July 21, it is reopened!

ITS’ DEMO is when, but "slightly happiness" "is smart a little...

For more information:

2017.07.10Whity CLEARANCE from Monday, July 10 to Monday, July 31 holding♪

In Whity Umeda, it enlivens summer fashion still more
We are starting "clearance sale" on Monday, July 10!

Price down large wonderful fashion and cosmetics!
A lot of ge...

For more information:

2017.07.067 22 days a month Saturday .23 days Sunday "smart town play Umeda yukata festival 2017" holding!

For two days of Saturday, July 22, 2017 .23 days Sunday,
"Umeda yukata festival 2017" is held!

We can experience "Bon festival dance" and "sprinkled water" which are summer feature in Umeda,
Commercial facilities of each site in Umeda...

For more information:

2017.06.30 [how to walk of Whity Umeda] VOL2 "becomes beautiful from Umeda sweets pocket notebook / today!" Friday, June 30 issuance!

Magazine "how to walk of Whity Umeda" VOL2 in hall
o "becoming beautiful from Umeda sweets pocket notebook / today,"
We issued on Friday, June 30!

This time again "Double-A side specifications."
With from the surface...

For more information:

2017.06.20Whity BARGAIN from Friday, June 30 to Sunday, July 9 holding♪

In Whity Umeda, it enlivens summer fashion thick,
We start "summer sale" on Friday, June 30!

Rika Izumi (Izumi Rika) of model serves image character

For more information:

2017.06.09peach jam PREMIUM SHOP Friday, June 9 opening!

Umeda first to go out shop!
peach jam of store specializing in Bag as "PREMIUM SHOP",
We open in FARURU area!

Colorful functional bags assemble in full force.
Surely we are going...

For more information:

It is held for lottery from Thursday, June 1 to Thursday, June 15 in 2017.05.26 summer!

"Summer lottery" where there are full of luxurious prizes in Whity Umeda,
For from Thursday, June 1 to Thursday, June 15, it is held!

During period each Whity Umeda shop toward the use,
It is lottery ticket or * at cash register...

For more information:

2017.05.12 [how to walk of Whity Umeda] VOL1 "favor of meat in temptation / office! Commuting clothes Friday, May 12 issuance!

Magazine "how to walk of Whity Umeda" VOL1 in hall
"We favor in temptation / office of meat! Line on commuting clothes Friday, May 12!

You can enjoy content that it is from from the surface and the back side, and was different this time,

For more information:

It is holding on - Sunday, May 7 on Wednesday (holiday) on 2017.04.21 demystification simulation excursion game "secret ... to lie in the remains of - basement (dungeon) on holiday of WHITY" May 3!

In Whity Umeda during May 3 Wednesday (holiday) - Sunday, May 7,
Demystification simulation excursion game
We hold "secret ... lying in the remains of - basement (dungeon) on holiday of WHITY"!

●Mysterious solution...

For more information:

2017.04.27PORCO ROSSO (porukorosso) Thursday, April 27 opening!

From Fukuoka, shop "PORCO ROSSO" (porukorosso) of leather bag, leather accessory,
On Thursday, April 27, we open in FARURU area!

Please drop in once at this opportunity♪

For more information:

2017.04.04CHOUXCREAM CHOUXCRI (shukurimushukuri) Friday, April 7 opening!

The Kansai's first landing!
"CHOUXCREAM CHOUXCRI" (shukurimushukuri),
On Friday, April 7, we open to NORTH MALL 1!

To cream puff which we have not come across so far

For more information:

"TOKU *2" of Osaka tour pass coupon is available in 2017.04.05 Whity Umeda!

[with Osaka tour pass ...]
With card ticket (1st or two days free-to-ride) with free entrance cord of approximately 35 places of tourist attractions
Guidebook with "TOKU *2" coupon is to set...

For more information:

2017.03.17 [how to walk of Whity Umeda] Vol.6 "art of WHITY utilization of man" Friday, March 17 issuance!

Magazine [how to walk of Whity Umeda] Vol.6 "art in hall of WHITY utilization of man,"
We issued on Friday, March 17!

This time for various places of man of the world,
We use Whity Umeda smarter...

For more information:

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