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2017.03.17 [how to walk of Whity Umeda] Vol.6 "art of WHITY utilization of man" Friday, March 17 issuance!

Magazine [how to walk of Whity Umeda] Vol.6 "art in hall of WHITY utilization of man,"
We issued today!

This time for various places of man of the world,
Utilization to manage Whity Umeda smarter...

For more information:

Store specializing in 2017.03.17 tempura bowls DONDONTEI Friday, March 17 reopening!

We change store's name to "store specializing in tempura bowls DONDONTEI",
It was reopened!

Go to visit by all means at this opportunity...

For more information:

2017.03.15 "Hanasaki or festival" Whity Umeda formula SNS follow-up campaign!

During "Hanasaki or festival" from Friday, March 17 to Friday, March 31 period,
When we have official Twitter, formula Instagram of Whity Umeda respond,
It is baked in every day by 200 people in total...

For more information:

2017.03.14 "Hanasaki or festival" from Friday, March 17 to Friday, March 31 holding✿

To there in spring close!
In Whity Umeda "Hanasaki or festival"
We start on Friday, March 17 until Friday, March 31!

Passage, IZUMINOHIROBA in front of FARURU Hankyu, three of SUNNY TERRA...

For more information:

It releases on 2017.02.22 green jumbo & green jumbo mini-50 million Wednesday, February 22!

Until from Wednesday, February 22 to Friday, March 17
"The 713th whole country green jumbo & 714th national green jumbo mini-50 million"
Public lottery is released!
Of this time "green jumbo treasure ku...

For more information:

2017.02.20 MARYLEBONE Tuesday, February 21 reopening!

It is reopened as store specializing in baked confectioneries on Tuesday, February 21!

Red shop of IZUMINOHIROBA this side is mark.
Handicraft, scone hot from the oven...

For more information:

2017.02.19 IZUMINOHIROBA health measurement event

On Sunday, February 19, we carry out healthy measurement event in IZUMINOHIROBA!
This opportunity when can experience the full-scale measurement free without passing over♪

[on the date] Sunday, February 19 from 11:00 to 18:00

For more information:

2017.02.16Malmaison (circle maison) Friday, February 17 opening!

Shop "Malmaison" (circle maison) of fashion goods and ladies' fashion,
On Friday, February 17, we open in FARURU area!

To adult woman enjoying fashion in good quality like oneself...

For more information:

2017.02.06 [how to walk of Whity Umeda] Vol.5 "dear cafe & sweets" Monday, February 6 issuance!

Magazine [how to walk of Whity Umeda] Vol.5 "dear cafe & sweets" in hall became issuance!

At first tension improves just to have looked at cover!
When turn up page; much-talked-about cheese system E...

For more information:

2017.02.01BUSINESS LEATHER FACTORY (Business Leather Factory) Wednesday, February 8 opening!

Store specializing in beef genuine leather "BUSINESS LEATHER FACTORY" (Business Leather Factory),
On Wednesday, February 8, it is opened by EAST MALL OGIMACHI!

We use by business scene and are...

For more information:

2017.02.01 beef cutlet KATSU MA Wednesday, February 8 opening!

Shop "beef cutlet KATSU MA" of beef cutlet,
On Wednesday, February 8, it is opened by EAST MALL SHIN-MIDO!

Specially made beef cutlet can enjoy various taste with three kinds of sauce♪
We come with beef loin, beef Helle very much...

For more information:

2017.01.19 Osaka 6 underground shopping center joint event "treasure of 6 basement labyrinths (dungeon) and legend" holding!

Whity Umeda, dough Chika COMS GARDEN, NAMBA NANNAN ・
Osaka 6 underground shopping center combination event "6 basement labyrinths (dungeon) and legendary treasure,"
February 6...

For more information:

2017.01.10Whity Clearance from Tuesday, January 10 to 31st Tuesday holding♪

From Tuesday, January 10 to Tuesday, January 31,
We hold "clearance sale" to enliven winter fashion still more!

Very much in this season up-and-coming "terra cotta KOLOR" and "person habit knit,"

For more information:

2016.12.26Whity Bargain from Monday, January 2 to 9th Monday holding♪

From Monday, January 2 to January 9 Monday (holiday),
We hold "winter sale" to enliven winter fashion thick!

"Cape Hayashida A" of fashion model
Image character...

For more information:

2016.12.26 USAGI SYOKUDO Wednesday, December 28 opening!

Chinese food bal which is reasonable, and can enjoy real Chinese food and delicious Wine
"USAGI SYOKUDO" is opened on Wednesday, December 28 by EAST MALL SHIN-MIDO!

In commemoration of opening of from 11:00 to 17:00 is happy...

For more information:

News of the 2016.12.20 year-end and New Year holidays, Hours

The year-end and New Year Hours from 2016 through 2017 is as follows.

[Saturday, December 31, 2016]
Fashion variety foods from 10:00 to 18:00
Gourmet ...

For more information:

2016.12.20 United Nations refugee assistance campaign is held!

We protect refugees. We support refugees. Association of United Nations UNHCR

People whom hometown was driven to by dispute and persecution overnight.
Their life as an evacuee may last to ten several years.
Point is days in uneasiness not to be able to see...

For more information:

2016.12.16 "TuchéFEEL & BEAUTY" (toucher feel and beauty) Tuesday, December 20 opening!

Shop of underwear leg item ladies' in FARURU area
"TuchéFEEL & BEAUTY" (toucher feel and beauty)

For more information:

2016.12.16UQ spot Whity Umeda shop Wednesday, December 21 reopening!

"Ice Mart deposit Whity Umeda shop" of PETIT CHANP
We change store's name to "UQ spot Whity Umeda shop",
It is reopened on Wednesday, December 21!

It is the same in that CM...

For more information:

2016.12.01 Christmas lottery from Thursday, December 1 to Sunday, December 25 holding!

In Whity Umeda, there are full of luxurious prizes now
We are holding "Christmas lottery"☆

During period until Sunday, December 25 each Whity Umeda shop toward the use,
It is lottery ticket ma at cash register...

For more information:

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