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Afternoon Tea TEAROOM Afternoon Tea TEAROOM / CENTER MALL


We create teatime of the afternoon
Spacious space and careful service.

Around tea which is plentiful in pot and sweets and pasta which happiness spreads through. In daily life of visitor, we bring comfortable stimulation. Put together in season and offer seasonally limited menu which we used seasonal ingredients for abundantly.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number

Last order: 20:30
The number of the seats: 73 seats

Tea 720 yen (tax-included) ..., Sweets 700 yen (tax-included) ..., Set menu 1,180 yen (tax-included) ...



Afternoon Tea set around tea           1,660 yen (tax-included) with tea

Afternoon Tea set which is full of tea which can enjoy sweets & sandwich using four kinds of tea and favorite tea break. Please enjoy tea and pairing of fruit. ※It is menu of ... at 14:00

[sale period: for from Thursday, November 2 to Wednesday, November 29]


Cappuccino spiced tea for each 770 yen (tax-included) of apple and apple tea / apple of Rose

■Apple tea (the photograph left) of apple and Rose
Gorgeous apple tea that fresh and two kinds of apple and raspberry, roses which we roasted are fragrant. Season-limited tea "double up roti" use.

■Cappuccino spiced tea (the photograph right) of apple
So that cappuccino sews popular spiced tea with Afternoon Tea. Put apple syrup, cinnamon together.

[sale period: for from Thursday, November 2 to Monday, December 25]


Farms plate of roast chicken            Foods set (with bread, tea) 1,430 yen (tax-included)       ※Set contents, price varies according to day, time

Warm vegetables plate which colors, and is rich which put eight kinds of grilled vegetables together to roast chicken which we made marinade with homemade marmalade sauce. With fresh basil sauce.

[sale period: for from Thursday, November 2 to Monday, December 25]


Tomato sauce pasta with organic tomato and mozzarella cheese foods set (with tea) 1,180 yen (tax-included)

Simple tomato sauce pasta using organic tomato and mozzarella cheese. Fresh basil is accent.
※Set contents, price varies according to day, time


Than the staff a word

Alright day is met by comfortable stimulation. It becomes fun incidentally…. It is a space of heart in such a daily life that we value. Menu to feel season, comfortable service, time and space of relaxation. Afternoon Tea TEAROOM suggests new "spice of a day" today so that one one leads to happiness of visitor.


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