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Life, interior miscellaneous goods

Shop which makes you house enthusiast

Mainly on tableware and kitchen goods, we prepare miscellaneous goods to be able to make total coordinate into in house including natural interior item at reasonable price.
(new products are received a lot every month depending on season.)


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number



Year-end great Thanksgiving Day holding! 12/8( soil) ...

We sell special product with all feeling of thanks of one year with a limitation of amount!
Bullet first on Saturday, December 8: Chopstick rests of gold-rimmed tableware and mascot motif
Bullet second on Thursday, December 20: Item which is indispensable to nest of boxes with cover, table of New Year holidays including bottle and cup set
In addition, we sell sets of chopsticks and small dish which are recommended to New Year's greetings.
So that all the items which are recommended to preparations to reach new one year hasten as soon as they disappear as it is the sale end!

Price: For each 300 yen (tax-excluded) ...
※We did not hear reservation.
※Color and design of publication product may be different from the real thing.
※Please note that all products may become sale cancellation, postponement, the end without notice.


Introduction of miscellaneous goods new in December!

Christmas has a party with family and close friend in house!
Popular Lien series is seasonally limited, and green comes up.
Hors d'oeuvre bowl can checkmate colorful ingredients, and arrange to wooden tray; and in party specifications♪
Please try♪

Price: For each 100 yen (tax-excluded) ...
※All products may become sale cancellation, postponement, the end without notice.


Shinto straw festoon decoration course

Gorgeous Shinto straw festoon decoration of bright red color.
Decoration will reach New Year holidays with lozenge ornament in the entrance and room. Please participate casually!

[on the date] 12/14 Friday, Saturday, December 15
①Each eight 11:00 - / ② 13:00 - / ③ 15:00 ... times (24 people in total)

[entrance fee] 1,500 yen (tax-excluded) ※We include lecturer charges, equipment charges. We rent tools. 

[the time required] About 40-45 minutes degree

[venue] PETIT NOUTH PARK ※Come within ten minutes before start.     

We heard reservation, inquiry of course over telephone.
Please make an appointment with those who wish to participate after checking the name / contact information / participation number of people.
※In the case of participation hope, please order with child beforehand
※It should be finished as soon as it becomes capacity
※Image is image ※Color and design of publication product may be different from the real thing



Mainly on kitchen goods such as tableware, we sell life miscellaneous goods such as interior, bus, gardening miscellaneous goods at reasonable price☆


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