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Cosmetics, health food

We solve skin and trouble of physical condition by counseling!
DHC which can try curious item.

The turn of the seasons is apt to be disheveled by condition of physical condition and skin. Let's reset skin damage with skin care and supplement to trouble. We pay attention to campaign to change every month.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number



DHC 11 (bowwow) lottery holding!

DHC 11 (bowwow) lottery
Thursday, December 28 - 2018/1/31 Wednesday ※It is finished as soon as lottery ticket disappears

We appreciate everyday patronage hold "DHC 11 (bowwow) lottery"!
It is very advantageous lottery where wonderful premium which featured the theme of trip by the purchase more than tax-included a total of 3,000 yen is by all means!

☆Premium is 10 prizes in total☆

Two kinds of \ A prizes! By for each 11! /
Prize for A prize travel   :JTB gift tabimono senka [Tachibana] 50,600 yen course available
Prize for A prize vest shot: NIKON D3400 18-55VR lenses kit (digital single-lens reflex camera)

B prize: Set just staying DHC
C prize: Three DHC beauty bath powder set
D prize: Excellent sake "etsu*umeri" of DHC   …nado

We offered wide premium including goods that trip became more fun and popular DHC product♪
We look forward to your visit.

※You can participate once in 1 cashier.
※It is for total amount of money before various discount applications.
※We do not carry out at mail order, drugstore convenience store.
※Because DHC Shizuoka shop is during closeout sale conduct, we do not carry out.
※DHC Karatsu seaside hotel shop enforces on Monday (holiday) on January 1, 2018.
※DHC Whity Umeda shop does not carry out for closed days on Monday (holiday), Thursday, January 18 on January 1.


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