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Cosmetics, health food

We solve skin and trouble of physical condition by counseling!
DHC which can try item to be worried about.

Seasonal turning point is apt to be disheveled by condition of physical condition and skin. Let's reset skin damage with skin care and supplement to trouble. We pay attention to campaign to change every month.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number



Summer festival lottery holding of the tenth anniversary of the DHC!

From Wednesday, August 9 to Thursday, August 31
Summer festival lottery of the tenth anniversary of the DHC ※It is finished as soon as lottery ticket disappears

In commemoration of the DHC tenth anniversary, we hold "summer festival lottery of the tenth anniversary of the DHC"!
It is very advantageous lottery where one of all ten kinds of prizes is by the purchase more than tax-included a total of 3,000 yen.

★All ten kinds of prizes★
A prize (two)   :For trip to JTB ticket 50,000 yen
B prize (ten)  :DHC olives means means set I
C prize (20)  :Highest grade olive oil gourmet set
D prize (300)  :DHC supakoragensupurimu
         [sale name] DHC supakorasupurimu
         [humidity retention ingredient] Collagen (dipeptide -8)
E prize (500)  :DHC re-vita- rising moisture nano
         [sale name] DHC moisture nano mist
F prize (1,000) :For swift attack blueberry two drops indication /30 day a day
G prize (2,500) :DHC lip gel liquid cosmetics
H prize (6,000) :One piece of DHC medical use cam C whitening mask
I prize (10,000): Two skin care samples to trouble of skin
J prize       : 100 yen OFF coupon which is usable at the time of visit on the next time

We look forward to visit of all of you.
※You can participate once in 1 cashier.
※It is for total amount of money before various discount applications.
※We do not carry out in mail order, drugstore convenience store.


DHC "August Lucky 7DAY" holding!

Day to arrive of "7" of August "lucky 7DAY"
Conduct day: 8/7( moon), 8/17( tree), Sunday, August 27

We have lottery lottery go down at store on "7" days to arrive of August, and coupon (30% OFF, 10% OFF, one of 5% OFF) discounted on the spot hits all the members! We hold toiu, very attractive event.
Coupon is available by shopping of the day when we had lottery go down immediately, and discount can purchase DHC product!
※Lot is finished on the day as soon as it comes to have the disadvantage.
※Per one check, only one piece becomes effective.
※Combination with DHC membership benefit (rank up discount, blanket purchase discount, birth moon privilege, DHC card discount) is possible. In addition, we cannot use together with each commercial facility, each mall and DHC-limited sale, discount coupon, discount ticket.
※We do not carry out in DHC Tennoji mio plaza building shop. In addition, there is day not to carry out at some stores. Thank you for your understanding.
※We do not carry out in mail order, drugstore convenience store.

We wait for visit of all of you♪


DHC-limited! "DHC 10th Anniversary original tote bag" present!

It is presented "DHC 10th Anniversary original tote bag" by member of DHC which you purchased more than tax-included a total of 7,000 yen (before various discount applications).
Large-capacity size that is convenient for shopping and trip. It is bag of good cotton material in summer!
※DHC members only ※One limit per person
※Present is finished as soon as we disappear.
※Material: Cotton, polyester, copper size: 300* about length 300* wide gusset 120mm (handle does not include.)
※It may be slightly different from real color.
※We do not carry out in mail order, drugstore convenience store.


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