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Protect FUKAMOTO Hakata grilled skewer wholesale horse car; fukamotohakatakushiyakioroshiumakayokabai / NORTH MALL 1

Liquor bunch

It is happy every day! FUKAMOTO is happy! "Highball mega high 50 yen 90 yen!"

Protecting is grilled skewer shop which you can enjoy for highball 50 yen mega high 90 yen until 17:00 FUKAMOTO Hakata grilled skewer wholesale horse car. Grilled specialty pork back ribs skewer is 30cm in total length and volume perfect score! It is sure that it becomes smile in this, thing! Please appreciate another specialty "original wing"! In addition, fried horse mackerel which is more quite popular than FUKAMOTO west store and red Vienna sausage can be tasted! Come to "doubling FUKAMOTO Hakata grilled skewer wholesale horse car" that you was reborn newly by all means!


From 10:00 to 23:00
Phone number

Last order:
Meal 22:00/ drink 22:30

The number of the seats: 43 seats
Smoking OK



Daily life is astonishing price! Highball mega high 50 yen 90 yen!

Highball 50 yen more than happy hour carbonate! Mega highball 90 yen! Happy hour is super advantageous! Of course it is OK even if we drink several cups!


Grilled specialty original wing

Three kinds of original wings! "Wing gyoza 220 yen" that handicraft gyoza entered "wing cheese 200 yen" that melty cheese was unbearable "wing dried pollack dried cod 200 yen" that we fully filled with Mentaiko of Hakata direct shipment


My melty potato salad 480 yen

Gently burning hot quite popular product that "we protected horse car", and original potato salad hid!



There is seat at a table, and there is counter, and we stand and drink, and there is what! Please enjoy with various styles. As it is proprietress, woman one can come in peace, too. "What can I do for you?" The cheerful staff looks forward to your coming of this. Come by all means!   Than proprietress


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