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REAL CUBE rial cube / FARURU

Ladies' fashion, fashion goods

Genuine department store quality for "adult woman!"

It is select Shop search of extreme popularity for adult in net now. We have the latest trendy item at reasonable price a lot. We introduce clothes which kept on being particular about feel of texture and design of our restaurant pride, various items including bag. Please enjoy vaunted product to be able to taste only in REAL CUBE.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number



Failure-free "now buying" outer! Clean unrivaled article suede coat

It is 3,990 yen in outer! Can do it only in to REAL CUBE; is at this price.
Let alone selection of good-quality dough which adult is satisfied with, it is one article that feelings shine in design including "V-neck" and "by KOLOR" to show clearly. "MARU cardigan sense!" Fake suede which very lightweight and features manageability. Please try by all means.


★OPEN memory★

More than 6,000 yen (tax-excluded) to visitor of purchase,
"Winter large size stole" or "logo tote bag"
We present!

Come early by all means as soon as you disappear as it is the end♪
We wait!



We opened a store for the first time in Umeda, Osaka. We actually pick up product of extreme popularity on the Internet and can try on and have favorable reception very much. Come to Whity umeda shop by all means in future at this opportunity as you offer plan to be able to enjoy including knit fair, outer fair. We wait than all the staff feeling.


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