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vape studio beipusutajio / EAST MALL OGIMACHI

Electronic cigarette

Specialty store of next-generation electronic cigarette "VAPE" (beipu). We have the latest product.

A new type of electronic cigarette which enjoys steam with flavor with VAPE (beipu). vape studio is Shop search of relief, security to treat only product of high quality. From one where electronic cigarette is used for for the first time to senior, we have product lineup that many people are satisfied with. All products in shop including several hundred kinds of liquids can try free.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number



BI-SO liquid fair holding! (5/3 - 5/6 period limitation)

"This event was finished"

New product leads in vape studio all the stores, and is sold by liquid maker "BI-SO" largest in the country! It deviates from "BI-SO" product to customer of purchase in commemoration of new product release and carries out instant lottery of lottery nothing. Latter half of a game is GO to vape studio for Golden Week! We buy BI-SO product and will profit!
[carrying out in vape studio all the stores]


Limited coupon delivery! [only in the Umeda shop]

"This event was finished"

We deliver coupon for a limited time. We attract whether you have you show this screen at store 500 yen from the check when we have you print out and bring. We are presenting the point for 500 yen to one that had you subscribe only now newly!
Period To 2018.4.30


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