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Miru+ Whity Umeda shop mill plus WHITY UMEDA ten / SOUTH MALL

Contact lens

It is more fun by selection of contact lenses,
In every day of customer joy.

We suggest kind that customer had from contact lens care supplies which we had a lot most.
In contact lens first one, we look forward to even consultation by all means.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number

Contact time
Weekday From 11:00 to 13:00, from 15:00 to 18:00

[Saturday and Sunday, celebration] From 10:00 to 11:30, from 14:00 to 16:30



Circle lenses "eye coffret" handling start

1DAY KOLOR lenses which you can choose among four-colored style.
We realize comfortable reckoning feeling by super thin lenses design and cut ultraviolet ray by UV protection function and protect eyes.
As we started the handling in our restaurant, we do not mind even consultation.
We look forward to your visit.


1DAY MENICON Premio toe Rick debuts

1DAY lenses for astigmatism that realized "high oxygen permeability" and balance of "natural reckoning feeling" at high level debuted from MENICON!
We can see thing double, and astigmatism to become dim, and to see is particularly recommended.
Function is with UV protection and protects eyes well.


1DAY MENICON multi-four Cal debuts

Far and near for two uses 1DAY lenses which are comfortable in nature anytime soon distantly
It is debuted by MENICON!
・It is hard to read newspaper, small letter of smartphone
・Thing nearby is hard to consider that it is the evening
・It is easy to feel eyestrain
Person with such a symptom, please try these lenses in our restaurant.


MELS plan of commuter pass system

MELS plan is flat rate of the moon,
It is service to have you use contact lens in peace.
・Additional expenses are unnecessary every month because it is flat rate.
・With contact lens which is new at the time of disorder and trouble of lenses
We change free.
・Network support to spread through the whole country is fulfilling!
We do not mind even consultation.
Please come to our restaurant by all means.


MENICON fitting of "wearing liquid"

For reckoning feeling light easily wearing of contact lens
It is wearing medicine to support comfortably.
・By work of "moisture ingredient" + "softly ingredient,"
We keep moisture of lenses.
・We reduce a feeling of alien substance idling around by kusshoningu effect.
・We block dirt adhesion to lenses including cosmetics dirt.


Hazuki loupe new color appearance!

In addition to four colors of conventional "black, red, purple, white",
Two colors of new color "pearl" "titanium" debuted!
We carry out trial at store in our restaurant.
Please experience "impression to be able to see" at this opportunity.
(product quite popular with ※ gifts!)


New common sense "Magic" of 1DAY contact lens

New common sense of 1DAY lenses, SMART TOUCH only as for the MENICON!
Confirmation of the front and back which it is what part touching eyes turns to the back, and enter, and are troublesome is unnecessary! We can use more safely more cleanly than which contact lens.
In addition, using material which is easy to adjust to tears, we keep moisture all day.
It is lenses which evolved which are hard to feel a feeling of drying and alien substance.


2week colored contact lens for domestic astigmatism

We cope with circle lenses first domestic company factory production, astigmatism. Please use person who has given up KOLOR lenses because of the astigmatism. Circle lens is top-class contact lens including Rei, feelings to material in the name in history☆


2week Premio far and near for two uses contact lens which was particular about vanity at hand

We support design and vanity short distance which was correct by combination of designs which see, and focused on in your life scene to see from short distance to long distance in a good balance.



"Supplement" came up from MENICON of contact lens.
Chief ingredient is lactoferrin! He/she turns on resistance for viruses such as intestinal regulation action or a cold with thing attracting attention now. In addition, as a lot of ingredients which are good for eyes are jam-packed, please try.


Hazuki loupe

★Quite popular product Hazuki loupe that 10,000 sell in month
It was received ★ Magnifying glass which greatly magnifies thing nearby
All of you who became hard to look at hand come to our restaurant by all means.



We suggest contact that is most suitable for customer.
In the one intended to make contact lens for the first time,
Come casually.
We look forward to all the staff.


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