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Store specializing in cheese tart PABLO mini Whity Umeda shop fried vertical cheese tart sen mon ten Pablo mini-WHITY UMEDA ten / NORTH MALL 1 hot from the oven

Cheese tart

Small Pablo was baked.
Kansai's first "Pablo mini" specialty store in WHITY
We appeared.

Store specializing in cheese tart PABLO hot from the oven renewed in Kansai's first Pablo mini-specialty store. Small cheese tart of palm size is going to appear to seasonally limited Pablo mini other than four kinds of plane chocolate, Uji Matcha, strawberry. Please buy for souvenir.

・Plane tax-excluded 185 yen (tax-included 200 yen)
・Denseness chocolate tax-excluded 213 yen (tax-included 230 yen) melting away
・Denseness Matcha tax-excluded 213 yen (tax-included 230 yen) melting away
・Melty grains strawberry tax-excluded 213 yen (tax-included 230 yen)


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number
http://www.pablo3 .com



For a limited time! "Pablo mini crispy in ice"

Cheese tart history, summer of the most cool air!

From "PABLOmini" of extreme popularity,
Crispy cold cheese tart which we can eat easily,
Under release "Pablo mini crispy in ice" for a limited time!

Not ice cream, have in frozen state
Chilly cold cheese tart to be able to have!
We do storable duration if we cryopreserve.
Of course it is delicious even if we defrost and eat♪
It is ◎. to eating the way in what enter plastic package

"Pablo mini crispy in ice"
 One 200 yen (tax-included)

Please try this summer☆


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