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Maison de FLEUR mezondofururu / FARURU

Miscellaneous goods, cosmetics

With Happy Days

In gift shop Maison de FLEUR for woman to snuggle up to happily of somebody important,
It is brand suggesting French taste-based good-quality lifestyle miscellaneous goods.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number



Christmas coffret

★We stay, and there is a few★
It is good to Christmas gift!
MEW' S cat "Jardin" became Santa & reindeer
Limited package♪
To that child of cat enthusiast with thanks of one year.
It is reward of one year for me of cat enthusiast.
It is set which is good to such a gift.
[small size] \ 3,000 - 3,200+tax
Limited Jardin lip case selectable flavor rippubamu
Now on sale very much ♪ Don't miss it!


The premium coffret first

Popular premium coffret releases this year every year☆
As for the drawstring bag pouch, this time is first made♪
Size is two kinds of S and M!
S: Hand whip + Jardin towel handkerchief
\ 3,100+tax
M: rippubamu + Jardin drawstring bag + wax bar
\ 4,500+tax ~\ 4,700+tax
In late years please come to the store early as you are sold out immediately♪
(limited number of)


Halloween-limited coffret

Jardin of MEW' S cat this year to Dracula
Special design of JAROWEEN where we disguised ourselves as☆
We offer two kinds of size of S and M♪
As it is in a limited quantity, to hasten!


My melody & kuromi

Of my melody & kuromi and Maison de FLEUR
Limited collaboration item is appearance♪
Let alone cute a throbbing two,
Bag porch is airy material, and touch is lovely, too,
We want to always carry!
In limited number of one without passing over!


Limited Collaboration

August 8 is birthday of MEW' S cat Jardin!
And limited collaboration of Sanrio characters comes up!


SCENT OF Varo 3rd Anniversary

From SCENT OF Varo reaching the debut third anniversary this year
Limited product and new design are released!
Eyephone case and the latest hand whip are varied, too☆ 


Nostalgic Jewelry

tekitayona where we are from jewel box in MARU
Jewelry series came up for a limited number.
As there is other a lot of new item
Please come to store to see.



Quite popular denim series releases every year!
Variation is more abundant this year.
As for KOLOR, 2 development, accessory in the spring and summer are (^^) with denim more smartly

※Number includes limit



It is MEW' S cat of SCENT of Varo on "day of cat" on February 22
"Jardin" enters limited BOX and appears!
There is lip balm which limited towel and favorite flavor can choose
\ 2,500+TAX

※Number includes limit for attributive quality.


Pink Mania

We have a pain every day among Pink.
Popular series for girl liking Pink!
We hesitate this year which a lot of kinds will have more♪


Pink Pink Pink

In selfishness of girl liking pink
Find your pink to be in love…
[Color: LightPink, Pink, DarkPink]
In a limited quantity



Renewal memory-limited coffret!
Of selectable hand whip & rippubamu + reproduction Jardin pouch
Special set!
Under \ 5,000+Tax amount-limited release


SCENT of Varo renewal

SCENT of Varo is renewed from 8/10!
Package of all items has Jardin and is reborn
New flavor makes its debut
We polish oneself with domestic organic body cosmetics and are more cute
Is it not healed by package?


The first yukata release!

The first yukata releases from Maison de FLEUR!
Classical designs assemble in full force in Gurley
Do you not add difference to femininity with yukata in this summer?
It releases and starts on Friday, June 17
\ 10,990+TAX


Malin horizontal stripes

With Malin horizontal stripes X Tulle ribbon
Take in summer from petty person who is refreshing Gurley
(as for ※ eyephone case, 6/6S-adaptive)


Extreme popularity! Ribbon tote

Ribbon tote bag which is quite popular in mezondofururu.
As size adjustment is possible when we untie ribbon
It is pretty in any scene and is available.


Manager Chinatsu Nagatsuka

Reward to oneself, present to important person….
We had item which was used to Happy without thinking that woman had in her hand.
Item which fits various scenes coloring the life,
It unfolds with refined style while being refined, and being classic.
Please drop in casually.


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