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Life, interior, fashion goods

Lifestyle Shop search which suggests "sum" taste in everyday living

LDK space and everyday life become nice happily ♪ And it is healed a little bit ♪ We introduce such discerning miscellaneous goods with season in "the four season". In addition, is important with feeling of "give"; of present and gift suggest.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number

We accept various present lapping.
(free ...)

"We classify the name" into chopsticks and do.
Please come to present!



(^^) where gift is even on this year in Mother's Day

Sunday, May 14 ♪ Mother's Day♪
How about present with feeling of thanks for mother who is usually taken care of?
(*^_^*) which we have from set of earthenware to artificial flower of very cute cat widely
How! Carnation presents gift to visitor of purchase more than 2,000 yen (tax-included) in Mother's Day, too (hurry as soon as this disappears as it is the end ...!) We wait for visit by all means♪


☆Lesser panda☆

It is available again! It is too rare lesser panda goods♡
It is three points of mat tissue cover paper dispenser♪
Person who has got tired of cat, shiba dog! Unmissable!
Please by all means in new life♡♡
As it is few arrival,
Please see early ('з`)


gekibai reno ...

What we introduce today
It is kitchen mat of me - chakucha popularity♪
Concerning image, only two kinds are sorry not to show ('`)
It seems to be shop of our restaurant cat
Do you not think? ? In fact, there is even thing except cat!
It is panda to shiba dog…There is other♡
Please come to see.
It is 900+ yen tax (tax) ...♪


Sonoda series of extreme popularity♡

MARU rice cake cushions of Sonoda series are available again!
From the last time touch gamotchimochininari,
Version improved and was appeared (*'Д `)
There is feeling badly; ...♡
It is price 2,400+ yen tax (tax)!
It keeps four colors now♡♡
As it is really very much large extreme popularity,
We wait for visit early♪


Close white day♡

All of you! It is white day one week later♪
Do you finish preparations?
In our restaurant, we offer various items.
Food including cake, tea is extreme popularity!
Besides, there are lots such as pair mug cup and handkerchief, pouch♡
Surely make undecisiveness; Masuyo (*'ω`*)
As well as cat goods thing or Japanese midget Shiba goods of the sum
We are, and ... ppaigozaimasunode come by all means♡


Q - to♪

Too pretty wall sticker at last…
Staff recommendation degree NO.1?!
As big one is superior in water resistance,
Available bathroom and the outdoors (*' ▽` *)
Small one is size that we can put on mobile phone♡

Well, it is decoration tchaimasho ... cutely♪


With flavor of cherry tree relaxedly♡

As bath powder of cherry tree is received,
We introduce today!
Please see! Is this package not pretty?♡
It is my recommended product (Φ ω Φ)
Heart and soul chilled with flavor of cherry tree are warm
attamechaimasho ...♡
Come by all means.



It is traditional end of winter on February 3!
Is there plan of the bean-scattering ceremony, everyone?
njaimasho - (*'ω'*) which calls FUKU, and includes
Then we show around product of traditional end of winter earlier♡
Ornament and handkerchief, Japanese towels of ogre are received!
/ which come by all means, and waits for ♡ (/, ω)


... during New Year sale start!

All of you, the New Year
A Happy New Year.
There is many last year; appreciate your coming to the store.
On the coattails of all of you, we were able to reach the first anniversary safely, too.
It is thanks, thanks, thank♡
There! In LEUN CHAYAMACHI main store,
We perform New Year's sale sale from 2nd!

Warm goods and bag, humidifier vary! It is aim now♡
In the case of sellout, thank you for your understanding.
Come early by all means♡


mochimotchimochi large desu

Super rice cake sticky rice cake large trios are available☆
Under something or other promptly sticky meeting♪
When one of them is in house, it is healed♪♪

A lot of sticky series increases this year!
Have rice cake in shop, and die; next tene♪


mofumofushippo charm☆

Cat enthusiast, cat print are wonderful, too
Does tail want? (*' ▽` *)
moffumofuno key charms are received♪
We do ryo though we rank bag and are good though we attach to key☆
It is each color amount slight arrival!
One that was worried about right now to LEUN CHAYAMACHI main store☆


Did you decide Christmas present?

There is report of LEUN CHAYAMACHI main store niokkii bear♪
It becomes product having the delivery a little on the date.
The postage, lapping is free and delivers to the destination you like☆
Four limitation! But it is ...
One house is three remainder in having been selected!
... sho where this is nice very much though we are surprised if it arrives
Is in reservation reception desk; early♪


Do preparations for Christmas advance? (*' ▽` *)

In LEUN CHAYAMACHI main store earlier
Christmas fashion begins♪
Santa & reindeer came to play, too☆

We offer tree and fir tree other than the photograph!
If nothing is in a limited quantity, it is the end or, too…
We are selling gorgeous flower appearing in back♪
As for the present to person who is important let alone Christmas item
Come to choose as shop by all means; is uncool♪


Great popular terChan gathers!

Visitor whom terChan loves!
... which warm system including blanket and bag has♪
We are full of terChan, and let's spend this winter snugly☆
nya ... to be waiting for in shop (=, ω, =)♥


hariko deer appearance☆

Omen cats were received♪
As for the name "hariko deer!"
In beckoning cat of papier-mache with what!
It is packable like matryoshka doll! sho
It causes happiness in room at the entrance♪
As small beckoning cat behind is handy with 540 yen (tax-included)
It is good to present!

Come to shop to see by all means (=, ω, =); nya ...♥


Charge! Next Shibata!

New characters of extreme popularity, "Shibata" of Japanese midget Shiba introduction♪
Bag or pouch were popular before, but the second step!
Blanket and warm goods including room wear
... which came up♪
Alette pillow left the staff recommending!
We hold, and motchimochishiteite is excellent at feeling☆
When one of them is in room, it is healed♪

Come to meet Shibata by all means; tene ...☆


We have collected parakeet goods♪

Parakeet goods which are popular now in CHAYAMACHI main store!
... that new pattern came up♪
Children of photograph red join☆
Glasses case, handkerchief, pouch coin case!
How about in present to chicken enthusiast?

Come to shop to see by all means; is uncool♪


Edo cat

Adult-like cat print goods were received♪

Ukiyoe artist who is in the latter half of the Edo era, cat which Kuniyoshi Utagawa (utagawakuniyoshi) drew
Only as for bean plate and hot water which we made motif.
Reason of each cat enters the back of bean plate.
It is product that sum X cat lets you feel warm "sum"♪

Mug 1,000+ yen tax
A lot of bean plates 650+ yen tax

When there is, this shows cute all kinds!
Come to shop to see by all means; is uncool☆


Do you wish you were two people?

Is it one that flew to this page to see photograph, cat enthusiast? sho
Thank you♪
Outstanding performance must be cleaning!
... that meat ball mitten cleaners were received
As it is mitten type, we have on hand and wipe easily☆
It is three colors of development of mike tiger black♪

Come to shop to see; is uncool☆


We hang slant and appear!

... that shoulder bags of cute cat print are received♪
Mobile phone and wallet and handkerchief and ...
We will go out with one this!
Price is glad of 1,200+ yen tax and reasonable price, too♪
How about to gift to cat enthusiast?

We wait in shop♪


Real nyanko!

Cat enthusiast ... which we kept waiting
It is appearance of embroidery nonyanko patch!
Very much real ... sho
Is there house nonyankochantosokkurina child? ?
Similarly broachs of embroidery are received, too♪

Pick up by all means, and see; tekudasainya☆


Disney enthusiast is unmissable!

Including Mickey of extreme popularity product of Disney characters
... which was received♪
There are tip & Dale and Pooh, Alice, too☆
Item umbrella stand and the smartphone stands, dice calendar
Thing victory that is early as anything is the arrival by one point!
You are if interested, and please return♪
We are in shop next tekudasa ... by all means to see☆


☆Halloween goods☆

In late years it is month of Halloween of extreme popularity this month!
In LEUN CHAYAMACHI main store, Halloween goods are received one after another!
It is ... to cake to stuffed toy
There are a lot of pretty petty people♡
Come by all means.
Trick or Treat!!!


1,080 yen tax-included three pairs of socks!

It became slightly chilly in the evening in the morning
It is appearance of bulky socks which are nice in coming season!
... that socks of that tutu Anna are received♪
In yoridori three pairs 1,080 yen (tax-included)! Wonderful!
Too pretty bulky socks are good to gift☆
... that there is lot and is captivated by
We offer stockings and tights as well as photograph.
Come to shop to see by all means; is uncool (=, ω, =)


♢♦Voice imitation me reentry load♦♢

Voice imitation me of extreme popularity was received again‼
Mimicking words and sound that it worked to sound and learned
... ttemo is cute and is healed that we talk♡
Voice imitation me 2,300+ yen tax (tax)
When come to LEUN CHAYAMACHI shop; by all means to me
Please call out (*' ▽` *)♪


For summer tightening body☆

Such a season when line of body appeared with light clothes came over‼
We only wear kind in point to be worried about with richness and create your ideal figures♪
It is recommended for person who is weak in diet.


[8.18.28 day a month and third Sunday] Day of ha LEUN!

It is point double day.
※Please note that sale product, service product, bargain item is excluded.


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