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LEUN (LEUN) umeda shop LEUN Umeda ten / CENTER MALL

Life, interior miscellaneous goods

Shop of healing that attracted only cat miscellaneous goods

It is shop of cat miscellaneous goods which are unbearable for cat enthusiast.
Stationery and kitchen appliances, various items including stuffed toy
We have.
As there is various cat print, favorite is surely found.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number



The Doll's Festival♪

!(^^) where cakes of hina doll and cherry tree of cat are arriving at one after another
As we display popular cat young bird Japanese towel,


It is Christmas with cat♪

Christmas that we had been waiting for next month!
Let's enjoy Christmas with cat goods (^^♪


New product of cat 3 brothers♪

(*^^*) where extreme popularity, cup & saucers of cat 3 brothers series arrive at
Meat ball saucer serves cake and can use as dish.
It is three kinds of shiro black Mike♪
As there are a lot of tableware of cat 3 brothers including meat ball spoon,
Please drop in (^^♪


Humidifiers of cat are received♪

How about humidifier of cat at the turn of the seasons?♪
Personal humidifier which is attached to plastic bottle and glass,
It is recommended to present☆


Gift recommended on Respect for the Aged Day

To grandfather grandmother with feeling of thanks
Bundle teacup and bowl, tea, and do not present; or (*^^*)
In addition, have product which is good to handkerchief and gift including chopsticks
We go down♪
Look by all means; ^^) _ * ~~


Socks of cat

It is introduction of socks of cat☆
Loose size or five finger socks
It is prepared in form and print, kind richness (^^)
It is popular among gifts♪


The bag new product arrival♪

^^ that new works of bag for autumn were received
It is only thing which is very pretty by design elaborate one by one!
Of bag, besides, as for the bits and bobs including pass case and pouch
There is!


It is introduction of Japanese arts & crafts of cat!

Japanese arts & crafts of cat are received♪
We have product which is recommended to present including required item and glasses case at the time of outing including pouch coin case and pouch☆


We have cat 3 brothers goods♪

Popular cat 3 brothers series is received!
Product recommended for mug cup and present including plate
We have a lot (^^♪
How about cat 3 brothers goods in room (*' * `) or


Product which is recommended in summer♪

Mosquito trainer devices of cat are received!
How is insect bite at curious coming time (*^ ▽ ^*) or
It is recommended to present♪


Gift recommended in Father's Day!

June 17 is Father's Day!
We develop gift bar in LEUN umeda shop in Father's Day (^^♪
We are selling tumbler and bowl, Japanese towel☆
With feeling of everyday thanks in present
Is how about ~? ^^) _ * ~~


The sum

It was season of cool air.
It is introduction of silk gauze series cooler than Kyoto Kurochiku.
It is two colors of yukata and refined beige and pink to fit kimono in the summer.
Do you not go for Japanese fan and set?


chat du café

Lunch boxes of woodgraining are available to lunch goods newly.
Set of fork and spoon is pretty with woodenness, too



It was added three kinds cat faces different in previous series and touch.
We enter cute wooden box this time and are good to gift.
Hand rest & mug set 1,880+ yen tax
Sake bottle & small sake cup, small dish set 2,500+ yen tax
Even if wooden box with key is different, it is usable♪


Noafamily new item

New series is appearance of new item than Noafamily of popular maker
Scarf of handkerchief and awning, glasses case, skippet and others
It is received a lot.
First popularity "tamachan"
It is recommended in Mother's Day


Cat print glass☆

(^_-) where glass kind of cool cat print gathers -☆
We are pretty even if we match with colorful coaster♪
It is for you and of course is recommended to gift!


Product recommended in Mother's Day♪

It is shin (^^) soon in Mother's Day
With feeling of everyday thanks artificial flower of cat present
How about?♪
Hue is bright, too and is pretty!
Besides, apron and mug cup, handkerchief, Japanese fan
We offer a lot of recommended products in Mother's Day☆


\ cherry tree X cat /

Recommended cherry tree and products of cat were received in spring (*' ▽` *)
Cat is ・・! to cake and handkerchief
In addition, 2/22 is day of cat! (=^, ^=)
We are selling product which is good bargain to 2/22☆
Come by all means; ...♪


Close Valentine♪

... (=^, ^=) that chocolate of cat design was received
With chocolate and cake
Is how about mug cup or tableware of pair ~? (*' ▽` *)
We look forward to visit♪


... during the latest arrival☆

Introduction of furaffumumushirizu♪
(^^) which is healed in mofumofushita cat
We show cute pouch and memo, hue including tag brightly, too!
Is slightly early, but in from now on former new school term
It is recommended (^_-) -☆


A Happy New Year (=^, ^=)

LEUN umeda shop, please in this year.
In shop, new works of Japanese arts & crafts are available☆
Design such as soft and full stuffed toy is pretty♪
How about having made newly by all means; or ... (^^)


Christmas present

Xmas-limited lucky bag of Pooh Chan comes up!
15,000 yen equivalency enters; and 5,000+ yen tax!
With six points including popular bag and pouch usable immediately!
As design and colored patterns are different, have thing you like!
As it is only limited number of six points, to hasten! Sellout is required every year!


Cat calendar

Do you finish preparations for calendar for 2,018 years? (*' ▽` *)
... which a lot of cat calendars had in LEUN umeda shop!
Expression and cat who seem to be pretty that gesture is unbearable
We assemble in full force (=^, ^=)
There are desk and wall hangings type ♪ Come by all means; ...


★Bulky pouch★

\ new product /
We show cute careful Sagara embroidery ♪ (^^) where pouch back arrived at
As is slightly compact size; of coming season
It is available as the subsupport of destination♪


It is warm with cat hotpot☺

Temperature gradually lowers, too and is season of pan☆
Just cat hotpots are available in our restaurant in winter (^^♪
We prepare same nirengeyatonsuimogo!
We look forward to visit♪


choo choo cat ♫

Pouch and pen which are pretty from quite popular choo choo cat series
... that miscellaneous goods such as mug cup bags were received!
It was development only for stuffed toy so far
... which has a lot of voices that are looking for bits and bobs, and is the long-awaited arrival this time☆
You play, and please come to store (^^♪



The leading role of Halloween of this year is cat! Cat! Cat!
Katz world which swells in parade!
Decoration is sure to get instagenic in 1 frame of party to beat!
We are holding to 10/31!
*No re-arrival. As number includes limit, please gather early☆


We celebrate in cats

Feeling everyday with cat tableware on Respect for the Aged Day of this year with message
Biography etemitehaikakadeshoka.
More than 2,000 yen tax-included with gift for respect for the old toward the purchase
We attach earpick of red-and-white Dharma one.
Beckoning cat of mascot is chosen as gift.
Please come to see once.


We finish and work on Pooh newly

Soft and fluffy fur dough item came up!
A lot of with tail and bags are received this year.
As items of newer leather material are received
Person except Pooh fan must see it, too!
Don't miss it!


National flag mug♪

... (*'ω'*) where national flag mugs arrived at
It kept sconce of kind of five countries★
We do not do, or is warm stripe ~ with mug which is colorful with tea, and is pretty?
In addition, (^^)/ which various kinds of cat mugs have


Japanese pattern X pop (☆ v ★)

^^) _ * ~~ where adult pop series arrived at from Japanese arts & crafts of Kyoto, Kurochiku
!(^^)! which is pouch and wallet where cat type of pink and dot entered in calm gold place
As lining becomes Japanese pattern, we are pretty whenever we open out (*' ▽` *)
... which we take two kinds and prepare of pouch type and zipper type!
In addition, new products are received!
Please come to the store; ... (/, ω) /
We look forward to ☆*


New product

Handkerchieves of material are available light (^^♪
It is very comfortable by the feel soft light☆
Kind is nine kinds embroidery of black cat in total cutely!
We are wondering which you will have (*'ω'*) and are recommended to gift☆
It is various 500+ yen tax.


Summer sale☆

It is sale now being held now in summer!
From products such as T-shirt, long underpants, wind-bell, mosquito selling for summer
To accessory which is usable in all seasons with 20% OFF - 50% OFF
It becomes inexpensive ♪ (^^) where popular item is First come, first served
We look forward to visit♪


Father's Day★

June 18 is Father's Day!
With feeling of thanks, is how about present of tableware and glass of male oriented cat ~? (*^^)


TerChan, cat steamed bun, the Miyake sun

It is quite popular series, the latest guide.
Tissue box cover of popularity No. 1 becomes slightly chubby and appears!
We meet two of them all together at store.
Tissue of box pear enters.
Long underpants of unhurried size or like swelling airy goods
Please come to shop to meet♡


We have products for summer☆

This introduction is mosquito selling of cat!
Season that mosquito flies as it approaches in summer and is worried about insect bite. (*_*)
Mosquito selling is ornament to put mosquito-repellent incense in.
(^^) which is cute just to put
Is mosquito selling of puss this year; insect bite vs. do not plot; or ...☆


Mother's Day gift of cat♪

With close Mother's Day, everyday thanks
Why don't you give cat gift this year?♪
Mug cup apron, cake / tea of cat print various in our restaurant
We have other accessories abundantly.
We offer gift that we put in basket and the box, seal for Mother's Day☆
(^^) which looks forward to visit


New product★

Initial mug of cat of beginning of this year appearance.
As there is design with one showing cute movement and color of cat inward
We can enjoy drink and a sense of unity of picture♪
Box becomes colorful, too.
In present by all means!
(there is the few alphabet partly)


Male cat ♪ The Boy's Festival

It is the first arrival of ornament of festival.
It is carp streamer and helmet decoration of white porcelain and earthenware.
For celebration that colored paper type is easy. It is good to Japanese-style room!
Let's celebrate growth of cats.


The latest arrival of Pooh

A lot of bags of quite popular Pooh were received.
Even if Mason jar tote shows and puts batch and candy with pocket, we are pretty♡
Besides, pouch which it is easy to use in box type rucksack, season that lunch box and water bottle enter simple canvas tote completely and do not do model break in the future is received a lot.
Please come to the store once.


Extreme popularity ☆1,000 yen bag

Cloth for cloth eco bags of bright color like spring are available.
It is convenient to fold in pocket of the inside, and to carry as folding is possible!
Three colors of KOLOR becomes different print in development each♪
(^^)/ which is recommended at 1,000 yen and reasonable price



Cat symphony willow oak Leeds of new product is available!
It is musical band of cat with musical instrument according to the name.
As it is pretty cat with ribbon to neck
It is recommended to white day☆
From handkerchief and pouch which are popular among gifts,
We prepare in series to stationery including key ring and memo.


Person invitation money invitation♪

As for the right hand, the left hand causes money in people,
As for the black, good luck charm, red is said to be charm
There is seven kinds of happiness cat, too.
Be good year this year.


Cleaning goods

Cleaning goods are available.
It becomes mop attached to hands and feet. It is good comfort at busy time when we can wipe place to be just worried about if we rank hand and we only walked if we touch to foot and can clean in the future.
Of course it is difference pear between being helpful as it is available for everyday cleaning☆


Extreme popularity ☆Mustache steamed bun

The feel that we have rice cake and did is unbearable
It is introduction of rice cake native mustache steamed bun!
Face is which difference cat mokawaiidesuyo ^^ by KOLOR, too
BIG size has a big impact!
We put in room and will be healed♪


da - reda

Answer is ... in shop



These cats are the leading role this year!
Halloween-limited costume scratch is met!
Two ... which one of them hates in room
When we decorate room with tapestry and black cat Garland,
No difference between party swelling!
From 29th to 31st more than 2,000 yen (tax-included) purchase,
It is presented Halloween candy by the first 50 people!


Dry attention!

Humidifiers of debuting were received.
4 print of Mike mackerel, tea (grain of wood).
To thing which is usable in the whole room from thing for individual in office
Three types.
How is moisture with cats?
For influenza measures!


Popular sudden rise!

Stuffed toy which just imitates voice and sound that we heard, and works.
Walking Talking Kitty
We have a cute toddling figure (... standing in two legs)
Person to talk to seems to be able to become lively friends♡
All four kinds of 2,680+ yen tax


Respect for the Aged Day

September 19 is Respect for the Aged Day.
Present which put everyday thanks to grandfather, grandmother
How about?
It is ochazuke (UME, mitusba) for each 300 yen + tax, gift (Earl Grey, apple tea) for each 560 yen + tax of tea. There are roasted tea and set of floret bean, too.
Please with bowl and cup.



It is introduction of new product nomofuneko series.
Bag of sax, pink, beige and refined hue,
A lot of goods such as wallets are received.
It is pleased with gift♡


choo choo cat ♫

It is introduction of quite popular choo choo cat series!
^^ which face which it becomes oddoai, and is cute has a cute
As for pink bear, Alice, the costume version of Snow White
We appeared♪
We look forward to visit☆


Good cat that water drips♪

Of cat which gloomy rain continues, but such a rain seems to be suitable for
It is introduction.
The name is rapisu pioni Thistle of "blue world", too.
Does unpleasant feeling clear when we display by window of room?


Cool air

Summer comes immediately this year to there.
Kinds of glass wind-bell increased this year. As sounds are different each
Please come to look for healed sound and cat.


Charr me new goods of cat!

To charr me of slightly naughty cat which put hand in the pocket
New goods came up!

Smartphone pouch 1,000+ yen tax (tax)
Flat pouch 1,200+ yen tax (tax)
Solid pouch 1,300+ yen tax with gusset (tax)

Three kinds of pouch assembles in full force!
There is charr me like swelling all♪
Use properly to use☆
As smartphone pouch is quite popular, early♪
Look forward to in shop (=, ω, =); mew♥


How is steamed length?

"Mustache steamed bun" including new sewing came up☆
Neck has real bell and CORO of the sky is cute and sounds when we pat♪
No difference between what is round, and is healed around!

In addition, friends including sewing increase a lot☆
Please come to touch shop (=, ω, =); mew♥


Is it money box? ?

No, it is mosquito selling♪
We are often mistaken for money box, but are stand of mosquito-repellent incense♪
It is turn of these children soon.
uuu where I have been stabbed in face (', ω, `)
By mosquito selling of cute puss, we will repulse mosquito this year!


Japanese fan, sensu, sense♡

Season when Japanese fan of cat played an active part in all of you this year came over!
Let alone popular print, new item comes up this summer last year, too☆
For homes, we have gift choose♪
As there is price 1,000- yen, come to shop by all means to see (=, ω, =); mew♥

※As there is product except sample, too
Please speak casually♪


Cat COFFE appearance☆

It is new product, introduction of tortoiseshell cat COFFE!
In muddler-type kohibakku of the patent acquisition
nya which provides easy taste.
With box (with 6 packs) 550+ yen tax
At first it is otameshi ♪ We offer 1 pack 120+ yen tax.
As for the coffee break a time of cat (=, ω, =)♥


Cat print apron☆

It is introduction of apron♫
Popular character, terChan or cat steamed bun
Besides, it is received in kind richness♪
It is recommended to gift including present in you use and Mother's Day!
Please look at by all means; =^_^=


To clothes +1 (mew)

Recommendation is scarf this spring!
Kinds increased and were received again.
By accent of neck, both face and feeling become bright♪
It is good on still chilly day!
So that navy and pink of popularity hasten!


It is spring! It is cherry blossom viewing! It is rucksack!

Color variations of Pooh, "color variations" come up to square rucksack of fashion this year! The latest rucksacks of terchanya itazura cat are received, too. kakenya where both feeling and the clothing are brightly!


Cat and new life

It is recommended to person lived alone from spring!
White cat, black cat, thoracat
Which child shall we take?
It is 470+ yen tax ... and affordable price.
Besides, as for hand soap bottle or the toilet paper holder
There is. By all means together♡


March 14 is cat gift☆

Did you decide gift in return of Valentine already? ?
In LEUN umeda shop mug cup or bath powder, handkerchief
We offer article which is good to gift in kind richness☆
White day of this year is rule with cat gift (=, ω, =); mew♥

Though we want to give, what do cat goods have good? Where is lost in this
Please speak to the staff casually♪


Akio Watanabe reentry load!

We kept waiting for a long time so long
Leather wallet of Akio Watanabe is the re-arrival at last!
Breast wallets which have been sold out are received♪
Besides, with what!
Form that there was not last time is appearance♪
Please come to choose as shop in various one keeping by all means (=, ω, =); mew♥


We have cat akuse♪

Hair elastic and pierced earrings, necklace of cute cat
A lot of accessories are received now♪
In reward to oneself to gift of white day…
Whom will you ask (=, ω, =)?♥


Is it hina doll haikagakanya of cat?

March 3 is the Girl's Festival.
Does decoration not celebrate hina doll of cat this year? ('ω')
Japanese towel of Doll's Festival print has favorable reception very much, too♪
Please come to shop to play (=, ω, =); mew


Appearance including sewing!

Of terChan and cat steamed bun of popular character
Stuffed toy came up at last☆
When as we are pretty, we put both in room and are healed? (*' ▽')
... which new pattern of pouch also releases!
This pouch becomes what reversible!
Please look at by all means♪


Akio Watanabe fan! Sorry to have kept you waiting.

You inquired toward some
In leather wallet gatsuiniumeda shop (^^♪
As wallet, it is good product for you to present in spring☆
Come to shop to see by all means (=, ω, =); mew♥

※Anything becomes by one point.
The next arrival is ... in being undecided now early♪


A Happy New Year

We look forward to beckoning cat and your visit at the beginning of the year.
So that much FUKU visits all of you luck with money, good match in healthy ... this year.
Come, and, FUKU, come


It is just feeling

Close Christmas! That one that is always taken care of,
To work friend, family.
Gift of bath powder which is good in season from now!
Both body and heart warm by effect of bath salts.
We add cat, and healing effect improves more!


It is Christmas gift☆

nanananto, Santa Claus came for LEUN earlier!
It is puss which clothes match very much☆
No difference between heaping up December!
Bath powder of the others Christmas print arrives, too♪
It is play binikitenya (=^, ^=) no by all means in shop


Omen cat visit!

FUKU comes! It is appearance of good news paper of cat.
At the entrance, it is decoration ttehoshiinya (=^, e, ^=) no in room
Come to shop by all means now as three of them are prepared to see☆
…Hey? What come out behind…!


Lunch goods☆

Of isshogaiine series
It is lunch box and introduction of lunch drawstring bag♪
Pattern of cute cat gathers (=^, ^=)
Three colors of lunch boxes unfold,
Two colors of lunch drawstring bags become development★
Please look at by all means♪



Stuffed toy which wore Halloween costume from popular scratch
It is appearance!
Besides, we offer Japanese towel (of course there is cat, too) of pattern of pumpkin and ghost or black cat accessories miscellaneous goods★
Please taste Halloween feeling at store (^^♪


Autumn 2 of reading

Japanese towel becomes picture book of cat!
Interest in cat deepen with skill in Japanese towel utilization and cat collection of sayings, autumn, too
In addition to seasonal thing including colored leaves print, Japanese towels of event are received, too.
Halloween print is recommended, too!


Autumn of reading

Season to want to read book. Have kind of book jacket of cat abundantly
We go down. There is cat on glasses case and loupe, bookmark.
When we coordinate my book?


Is it pouch haikagakanya? (=, e, =)

Pouch of various forms flocks☆
Surely favorite one should be found!
Petty person will go with cat print in this autumn, too♪
Come to find your favorite♡


☆Watch of cat☆

How about watch of cat for work at school? ヽ (≡ 'u' ≡) no
After all our restaurant first popularity is the right-side end!
Case of clockface becomes cat and is very cute♪
There are a lot of colors of belt as well as photograph☆
Please come to shop to see (= ^, ω ・^ =); mew


This summer cat wind-bell (=^, ^=)

Summer feature, wind-bell♪
With pretty cat and tone to feel the cool
It is healed this summer, and how (^^ or♪
Please look at by all means☆


Cat print Japanese fan♪

One offers Japanese fan which wants to last in hot season!
One side is picture of cat, and embroidery of cat enters at thing with impact
Keep kind to simple thing abundantly; in present
It is convenient to carry as Japanese fan case is bundled!
Please look at by all means♪


It is thirsty season

In addition to cool glass tumbler, the glass stands
Mug cup water bottles are prepared, too.
As for the plastic bottle holder, cool bag of outstanding performance is almost summer, and can turn
Please find favorite♪


Close Father's Day

With thanks every day everyday to father of fatigue
It is introduction of cat goods which, "thank you," can say in families.
★Black cat small sake cup 680 yen (to snacks and one article) that there is a lot of with a jerk
☆It is chopsticks 600 yen ... together
★We toast pairwise! Glass & mug 480 yen ...
☆Pocket money strenuous exertion! Word Pochi bag 250 yen ...
As for the Father's Day of this year, how about "cat gift?"


Pochi bag which feeling is transmitted through☆

Is popular item, Pochi bag series of puss;! When every celebrations convey feeling a little, there is rice cake Ron cat on what the is pleased with reliable ♡ back ♪ We show cute word of the cat again. Please come to shop to see♪


Prettiness not to be able to hate♡

It is introduction of Kawai - i stuffed toy in bad - i of eyes! It is quite popular toward adult let alone child with "cute ... ♡". We enslave everybody for a feeling of most moving passage tchaumofumofu unintentionally ♪ Come to meet these children♡


Are you still in time? Spring wallet♪

We offer wallet with full of cats including quite popular Pooh.
New life start! Do you not have wallet made newly in thing called this either?
Come to be healed by pretty cat goods♪


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