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Humidity retention cream

Humidity retention cream which is usable to whole body

It is humidity retention cream quenching whole body in one, Shop search of STEAMCREAM. Tender cream made with the steam (steam) manufacturing method leads to fresh and young, smooth skin.



From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number



Elation which is chilly in Father's Day! Let's give summer healing goods♪

Limited number of sets of Mentha Oil spray of peppermint firm making an outstanding performance in summer-limited fresh and young cream and summer including protecting against insects and bath powder, room spray, deodorant to bring refreshing flavor of peppermint and refreshing feel that we felt good at.
So that background is with transparence, and trip and business trip, Jim go.

It is recommended to heat and the smell prevention of foot!
When push Mentha Oil 1 to sole, and wear socks after applying on finger, is flavor of refreshing Mentha Oil; for smell measures of foot (^ ν ^)

On day sweaty a lot, it is pushed 3-4 by bath! It is reset (^o^)/ from one-day fatigue in refreshing Mentha Oil bath

To father who always does his best.
How about present of healing?

HAKKA&ALOE MINT SET (peppermint & aloe mint set)
2,862 yen (tax-included)


It is recommended to NEW baby gift ♪ Yoshikawa makosan design

721 LE JOU JOU (le juju)

^ - ^ where joyful bear is very pretty with toy and rattle of duck♪
In feeling that only has design of pastel color of gentle hue softly, and is gentle.

It is recommended to present of baby gift!

(humidity retention cream for face, hair, body) 1,809 yen is tax-included

98.5% of ingredients derived from nature
It is cream made in Japan.


NEW vacation feeling! Welcome to south island♪

878 COLORFUL SEASONS/ colorful seasons

Wednesday, June 6 new item of releasing,
Lovely mature colorful tropical design!
We only have in bag, and feeling is enjoyed in the summer in the person tip of a foot♪

(humidity retention cream for face, hair, body) 1,809 yen is tax-included

(^-^)/ of hair curious on humid day recommended to "undulation" "expanse" prevention
It is excellent as cream for hair arrangement! !*\ (^o^)/*


Recommendation of rainy season time ♪ Hydrangea design!

Is fantastic simply because is time of the rainy season; beautiful "hydrangea".

Depressed mood in the rainy season humid as for the beautiful hydrangea design shining in rainy drop shiningly in Happy♪

From figure which small flower gathers together, and blooms, "family pleasure of home life" "is tied" to flower language of hydrangea.
Flower language called "patient love" seems to be put to blue hydrangea♪

(^-^) which is recommended as present to bride of June bride

798 LA POESIE (la poesy)
75 g of STEAMCREAM (humidity retention cream for whole body)
1,809 yen is tax-included


It is recommended to gift in Father's Day! The latest design introduction of early summer!

STEAMCREAM of simple care that can moisturize face, hair, body in one.
In fact, there are very many male users, too♪
It is recommended as cream for shaving!

Design that it is refreshing, and cool blue attracts eye is good to gift in Father's Day!

841 WIND FROM OCEAN (wind from ocean)
STEAMCREAM 75 g (humidity retention cream for whole body) 1,809 yen is tax-included


Chilly elation! Summer-limited skin care peppermint & aloe series!

We are sticky ". However, STEAMCREAM's first body soap and advantageous macroscale bottle are appearances from limited peppermint & aloe series in summer to quench skin in chilly elation in the summer that the inside of skin is apt to dry, and is "!

5/23 release body soap peppermint & aloe (250 ml) 1,944 yen is tax-included 
5/23 release-limited design bottle peppermint & aloe (300 g of humidity retention cream for whole body) 4,968 yen is tax-included


Notice Snoopy collaboration design four kinds release!

All of you, hello♫
It is news of canned new design release!

Of four kinds of canned design which performed Snoopy and collaboration on Wednesday, April 5
Release was decided.

As for all designs to fill the can of friends of Snoopy and peanut
Pretty gesture and expression are drawn!

It is recommended to Mother's Day and spring girls-only gathering gift.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 release
STEAMCREAM-limited can
A lot of Snoopy collaboration designs (all four kinds)
75g/1, 620 yen (tax-included)

We look forward to your visit♪


Blue rose "MISTERY BLUE" reflecting the image of 11/23 mystery-like scene release!

Blue rose which is divine, and is in full glory beautifully so that heart is robbed of. It is design which was born in the image of mysterious scene that visited dreamland where we longed for forever in MARU.

MISTERY BLUE (mystery blue)
1,620 yen (tax-included)


"Absolute STEAMCREAM Rose" flavor of knob Rose in the morning NEW is birth!

"Absolute, Rose" did amount of o combination (※ we ratio) essential oil of snack done damask rose in the morning, and humidity retention cream for whole body which combined shea butter was born!
Veil of calm comfortable moisture wraps up whole body.

Winter season limitation
STEAMCREAM Rose absolute 75 g tax-included 2,484 yen
✳With ︎ gift BOX

(^^) which looks forward to your visit


Two kinds of canned recommended design of this week♪

The most new item of releasing is space motif on Wednesday, August 10!
[ACROSS THE UNIVERSE] Across the universe
We shut in star-filled sky such as night sky of midsummer to can in MARU,
Fantastic design!

It is recommended to "lucky charm of trip" and "summer present"!
[CHAMEAU] Gamefowl
Caravan which continues trip to desert where the scorching sun glares down.
Vivid coloration to be just looking, and to be able to get well.
Charming camel of long eyelashes and round eyes
We heap up all and lead to safe trip!

It is design which we were particular about to the side with two cans!
Please check at store; (^^)


Sorry to have kept you waiting! New work of sheath cat series expectation is released! !

New item of releasing is the most new item of extreme popularity "sheath cat series" on Wednesday, August 3! "MANGEKYO NEKO"
Cute cats live when we look in mysterious kaleidoscope,
Colorful different space appeared in front.
We are attracted in the world to trade whenever we wave kaleidoscope around,
We continue seeing forever.
<design: Suzuki sheath>
MANGEKYO NEKO (kaleidoscope cat)
1,620 yen (tax-included)

There are pretty cats in canned design "THANKYOU NEKO" (thank-you cat) informing, "thank you" from blue sky♪
Would pretty gift of a lot of feelings of ... thanks like to be given that person who was taken care of this summer?


Of summer is the best recommended! Canned latest design that feeling becomes bright♪

All of you, hello!
It is introduction of canned latest design which is very popular with gifts in summer♪

[SPRINKLE] supurinkuru
We imaged spray which shined in rainbow color given off by clear air after rain. It is colorful and projects solar light, and drop of water which splits open like a brick, and splashes seems to do in bright, forward feeling.

*As you offer giftwrapping free in summer, please use to souvenir and gift♪


Extreme popularity ♪ We enjoy summer by Hawaiian design!

Wednesday, July 27 new item of releasing "ALOHA NUI LOA!"

We image Hawaiian kilt which it is hand-sewn and makes by person needle and gave
We did.
Only kilt is taken good care of in the world filled with much love,
That, from mother to daughter, it is inherited from generation to generation again to the daughter.

Popular design "HONO HONO is received, too"!
It is will of "we take a walk aimlessly" by Hawaiian. We come from pure white wall,
You are attracted by flower of colorful hibiscus, and walk aimlessly unintentionally
We imaged promenade of such a southern country to put away.
※Meaning and interpretation of Hawaiian include various opinions.


Osaka souvenir is canned Osaka limitation!

It is smart design of local limitation to be able to buy only in Osaka pleased with souvenir and present to overseas friend♪

We were studded with the names of "Osaka" to fill the can using typography of the alphabet, kanji, hiragana letter. <design: Japan taipo association>

From town Osaka full of human empathy, put on favorite leopard print in the body, and see "which came over in order to play the guitar in on the rocks, and to sound;". We impress everybody by performance full of passion.


The re-arrival! Summer-limited STEAMCREAM peppermint!

Sorry to have kept you waiting! !Early thing victory!
(o^^o) where popular exploding "STEAMCREAM mints" arrived at again

Humidity retention care to be fresh and young, and to quench for flavor of refreshing peppermint and chilly cool reckoning feeling.
As number includes limit, please come to the store early!

We present foot pack to customer of purchase by the first arrival more than tax-included 4,000 yen!

By all means this chance without passing over!

We look forward to your visit♪


Extreme popularity! The canned online-limited bridal design removal of a ban!

It released only in SC online
Very popular bridal canned design "VIVE LES MARIES" (Viv les Marie) and "CANON" (canon) are available in Whity Umeda shop!

Time to open flower beautifully, and to shine shiningly forever. Bridal design which expressed happy moment as bouquet in motif of tiara with such thought. Do you not send STEAMCREAM as bridal present and PETIT gift?

[price] For each 1,620 yen


It is recommended to gift in Father's Day! Skin care cream which polishes man!

New design "SPENCER" of 6/1 release,
Crocodile leather that blue that is mystery ass with luster is impressive
Design which we imitated.
First-class accessory such as beautiful work of art which cool man carries
We image.

It is design which seems to be pleased with to gift to superior man.
Skin care cream which is stylish with feeling of everyday thanks
How about giving?

We offer free lapping in "Father's Day"!


Summer limitation! STEAMCREAM peppermint release!

We let you image refreshing wind of Hokkaido
Humidity retention cream for whole body which combined natural Mentha Oil
"STEAMCREAM peppermint" was in a limited quantity and appeared.
When put on skin, is refreshing straight; refreshing cream,
We quench whole body refreshingly.

STEAMCREAM peppermint
75g/1, 782 yen (tax-included)


New product information

[product name]
STEAMCREAM sunscreen
75 g
2,268 yen
[product information]
Basics of skin care "moisturizing well"
From STEAMCREAM which we continue suggesting,
We made with power of steam (steam) and put up,
Limited number of, desperation stopping cream appeared on day for face, body.
While giving a good moisture,
We protect skin from ultraviolet ray easily every day.
(SP20, PA++)
※Limited sale in Japan


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