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Naturalism cosmetics

Body of whole body cares by rich flavor and moisture

THE BODY SHOP began from place where Anita Roddick opened shop of naturalism cosmetics in Brighton of the U.K. in 1976. We send products such as skin care that combined selected superior nature raw materials from all over the world, body care, fragrance, makeup.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number



Those popular liquid cosmetics on seat mask♪

Liquid cosmetics "use outlet rate DOY" where is particularly popular in DOY series. Seat mask which fully included quantity of 30 ml of bottles what and approximately two-thirds!
We just adhere to skin when we put mask of the gentle feel on skin.
On fresh skin which bounds from the inside by putting for 10-15 minutes
We lead♪
Seat which seat material is biodegradable, and is kind to not only skin but also environment
It is mask. On Wednesday when is easy to feel fatigue new custom!


Winter special!

HAPPY of the Heisei last from THE BODY SHOP♪
Special price product winter from body care to make
We offered a lot!

Quite popular BIG size item is now on sale♪
Shower gel 750 ml six kinds 2,592 yen
Body butter 400 ml six kinds 3,420 yen

※Special price product is the end sale product as soon as we disappear.


We offer a lot of gifts which are good to Christmas♪

Christmas of the Heisei last comes over!
You present, and do you not trade with person who was taken care of and close friend?
We offer a lot of items which are recommended to present in THE BODY SHOP♪


It is NO indifferently! World AIDS Day

December 1 is day on World AIDS Day.
We perform AIDS enlightenment campaign in THE BODY SHOP.
For oneself, have interest for important person of the circumference; and action!


Appearance latest from mask series that is popular on "Thursday, November 1"♪

We came up with the idea from super food of the world
New mask appears for popular mask series!

We combine oat meal from the U.K. and almond milk from Spain which we supplied by community trade, aloe seawife from Mexico. We give skin which inclined to sensitive state by drying moisture, and oat meal and jojoba beads remove old keratin calmly.

3,024 yen (tax-included)


It is released this year on November 1 ☆Christmas-limited flavor!

Christmas-limited bus & body care Collection of every year favorable reception. Three flavor made inspire in fruit which we collected from all over the world comes up this year! Let's put magic on Christmas on your body with sweet flavor in jushii such as cake!

・Peppermint candy Cane
・Berry pom-pom
・Vanilla marshmallow

<present plan>
LYB members only (enrollment OK on that day)
・We present limited mini-body butter by purchase more than product 5,400 yen in shop
・We present bubbling bus by purchase more than product 10,000 yen in shop
※It should be finished as soon as we disappear.


THE BODY SHOP X personification, popular voice actor collaboration plan☆

In this season when both skin and heart dry
THE BODY SHOP X personification, popular voice actor collaboration plan
"Moisture princess and three magicians"
We distribute original coaster with a limitation of amount!
The first: Monday, October 22, 2018 - / second: Thursday, November 1, 2018 ...

<target product>
sampuchuasukurenjingubata CA

<3 magician>
Camo mile KAORU CV Takuya Eguchi
Olives Jun CV Natsuki Hanae
sia secret CV Shota Aoi

<character design illustration>
*sei ()


Body butter-limited flavor☆

Flavor of popularity comes back!
Vin yard peach,
Honey enthusiast,
Early her vest raspberry,
Under reproduction limited number of three kinds of flavor of popularity♪

・Shower gel 250 ml 1,296 yen
・Body butter 200 ml 1,987 yen

As for you, which flavor is favorite? ?
shitene which gets early because it is in a limited quantity!


Thursday, October 4 start! Body butter SPECIAL PRICE♪

We came over at last!
sia and pink grapefruit,
Quite popular "body butter" of fragrance series
Special price until from Thursday, October 4 to Wednesday, October 31 for a limited time♪

200 ml of body butter
2,484 yen → 1,987 yen
3,240 yen → 2,592 yen


Best cosmetic receiving a prize item☆

Item of THE BODY SHOP popularity
We won magazine "upPLUS" vest cosmetics Award!
We appreciate your patronage!

[body lotion & milk section first place]
Body butter sia

[the body scrub section third place]

Please drop in at shop at this opportunity


Oil beauty unhurried for long autumnal night♪

It became easy to spend gradually cooling down♪
On skin tired slightly, do you not present relaxation?
On moisture skin that both face and body are glossy by luxurious oil beauty.


Let's enjoy autumn with whole body! Limited number of vanilla pumpkin★

Does body care not change its wardrobe soon, too?
Popular vanilla pumpkin comes back last year on September 13♪

Shower gel 250 ml 1,296 yen (tax-included)
Body butter 200 ml 2,484 yen (tax-included)
Hand cream 30 ml 972 yen (tax-included)


September 13 release! We cleanse, and it is debuted by popular face care series♪

Cleansing of gel type that used three kinds of seed oil luxuriously
We do in this.
Gel changes to milk and removes dirts and supplies beauty ingredient well
We lead to skin with brightness full of life!

✳Person who wants tension, brightness on ︎ skin
✳Person who is worried about drying and thrust of skin at the time of ︎ face-wash
✳It is errand in ︎ aging series

Do you not make trial earlier at store?
We are accepting reservation!

Oil of life cleansing oil in gel
100 ml of 3,024 yen (tax-included)


When hair goes perfect; daily HAPPY♪

Non-silicon hair care series of THE BODY SHOP!
Non-silicon hair care of pleasant flavor born from naturally derived raw materials
He/she thrills bathtime in instant♪

Strawberry (for all hair)
Give hair brightness and moisture, and is lustrous; smoothly

fujigurinti (for normal hair)
Hair care clearly refreshing to scalp

Banana (for normal ... dry hair)
To hair moistened to person worried about drying to point of a brush


Strawberry hair care series new sale♪

Flavor of strawberry is sold newly by non-silicon hair care series!
While giving hair brightness and moisture; in the dry finish☆
By strawberry fruit juice combination from Italy,
Fruity flavor of fresh strawberry remains to hair kindly.


It is swish and efflation for moisture supply ♪ Face mist new sale!

Lotion of mist type to work each in every flavor.
We are available to condition of skin on the day!
Because is size that is easy to carry;, to pouch, is IN to bag!
Which flavor do you like? ?

Face mist five kinds 1,296 yen (tax-included)


We start at last ☆Summer special!

Now being held special in summer fun, summer of THE BODY SHOP!
Special is in a limited quantity during period in summer of this year, too
A lot of advantageous items♪

☆Kit <all three kinds of 4,500 yen ...> special in limited number of summer
We packed bestseller of THE BODY SHOP tightly
Advantageous kit!

☆Limited number of big size shower gel <all six kinds of 2,592 yen>
Normal triple 750 ml, special size!

☆Up to 50% of limited number of target items are off
It is off up to 50% from body care to face care
Special price!

It is the end as soon as we disappear! Please buy early♪


Kit reservation reception desk start special in summer♪

Summer pleasure of Thursday, June 21 - THE BODY SHOP! Release three kinds of kits special in summer for a limited time!

From bestseller item to item which wanted you to use by all means, we packed trendy clear bag tightly♪

Clear bag of material that original bag of this year considered environment.
With Union Jack print like THE BODY SHOP born in the U.K., we add cute accent! Be in both town and beach♪

It is kit which favorite flavor is available, and is very attractive!
Ask to the staff about the details of selectable flavor.

We heard reservation on the telephone in Whity Umeda shop.
As it becomes the end as soon as we disappear, to hasten!

・Kit red hair care set 4,500 yen (tax-included) special in summer
・Kit red hand care set 4,500 yen (tax-included) special in summer
・Kit blue 8,100 yen (tax-included) special in summer


It debuts on Thursday, May 17! Body yoghurt!

Thursday, May 17 - debut! Body yoghurt!

Sorry to have kept you waiting!
To you who cannot wait until summer,
sarari, body yoghurt which is moistened.

Gel cream of reckoning feeling light lightly.
After skin familiarity being good, and caring for,
Even skinny denim sells immediately!

It is your skin for the puruttoshita new feel♪


Red panda campaign

We perform pro-environmental behavior in THE BODY SHOP from cause 2016 of commitment "that we protect biotope of 75 million square meters by making biobridge, and people of COMMUNITY help by 2020 so that there is sustainable way of living".

We perform activity to save red panda in 2018!
Purpose: Endangered species red panda and protection of the habitat
Place: The Himalayas of Nepal
Method (support contents): We educate people of local COMMUNITY
We restore main habitat of red panda
We reproduce the environmental local forest which turned worse and set staple food (bamboo) of red panda

Target product ※Approximately 46.55 yen is contributed to red panda network every purchase.

※①himarayampyurifainguguroumasuku 3,024 yen (tax-included)
②NEW himarayampyurifaingufeisharusopu 972 yen (tax-included) April 12 release


Skin defense protection essence SPF50 PA++++

We want to keep both now of skin and the future!
Of the THE BODY SHOP history best
In sunscreen essence with UV care effect
Big size of 60 ml comes up with a limitation of amount♪
Texture which is slightly fresh and young like milk.
Skin defense protection essence SPF50 PA++++
☆BIC size 60 ml 3,500 yen (tax-excluded) 3,780 yen (tax-included) (limited number of)
☆Basic size 40 ml 2,800 yen (tax-excluded) 3,024 yen (tax-included)


All "lip juicer" five kinds

Colorful feast to lip!
Lip cares in super food happily.
Of fruity, fresh five kinds
We came up with the idea from super food smoothie,
Lip balm which seems to be delicious so as to want to eat 
All "lip juicer" five kinds 
Thursday, March 29, 2018 new sale!
1,296 yen (tax-included)


*Secret * of British Rose essence

Rose which we use for "British Rose" series,
At farm of U.K. Herefordshire,
It was cultivated only for THE BODY SHOP.
Petal of hand snack Rose whom we worked as,
After having dried, we dip into water of clean mountain.
This careful extraction process,
We are combined with "British Rose" series
It is secret of Rose essence of superior quality.


British Rose Collection gift

Enjoy romantic flavor of Rose with whole body.
Of flavor of British Rose who is gorgeous with fresh
To mini-body shampoo, mini-body butter, hand cream
It is set of face mask which roseleaf entered.
Because body can raid face, too
It seems to be pleased by woman of every generation.

British Rose Collection gift
5,400 yen (tax-included) is in a limited quantity


NEW!! supaobuzawarudobodiuosshu

We obtained idea to flower of pioni to bloom elegantly at the Adriatic Sea coast
It is kurimii in Rich
"Ad re-attic bodywash."
We wash with pure, elegant flavor with moisture.
250 ml of 1,620 yen 60 ml of 540 yen


Recipe of six beauty that we came up with the idea of from super food

Japanese green tea and Ethiopian honey, super food including acai of the Amazon of the world how on face mask! Expert face mask series is lineup with mask of exceptionally deluxe six. For each 3,024 yen (tax-included)


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