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Naturalism cosmetics

Body of whole body cares by rich flavor and moisture

THE BODY SHOP is beauty brand which is natural, and is eshikaru which was born in the U.K. in 1976.
We send product which packed blessings of nature of the world, wisdom and five values that have made basics of all actions since its formation (sense of values) of beauty.



From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number



Thank you for cooperation!

☆FOREVER AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING ☆We campaign in body shop to prohibit animal experiment of cosmetics forever all over the world. The number of the signatures exceeded 2 million writing brushes by cooperation of all of you throughout the world! To aim, another 6 million writing brushes are necessary.
Sequentially of signature & share please cooperate☆


That "mango" comes back!

Body butter which is one of the representative items of THE BODY SHOP! Above all, mango which there was after the early days was sale only for online shop for a while, but came to be able to purchase again at store♪
Mango series is all 8 items ☆Please try flavor in commemoration of release at ^ ^ right or wrong store where limited kit is now on sale♪


NEW fragrance release!

"White musk low" series joins popular fragrance of THE BODY SHOP newly from 8/17.
With "low," it is meaning called "water" in French. Perfume of body care set and BIG size that are advantageous in commemoration of ^ ^ release that generation can use this translucent flavor regardless of sex with fresh is appearance with a limitation of amount! Please try flavor by all means at store☆


We present only now!

We present article not for sale organic cotton towel toward the purchase more than product 4,500 yen (tax-included) in shop at store ♪ (finished as soon as we disappear)


We refresh sticky skin during sleep!

Night mask debuts from tea tree series!

□On skin worried about pimple, eruption, pore
□Simple care that paints, and only lies down
□To skin which adsorbs sleeping sebum, and is clear
□Shape-memory gel adheres to skin suddenly
□Gel type refreshing clearly
Please try in skin troubles such as stickiness by all means!
☆Skink rear ring knight mask TT
 3,564 yen (tax-included)


As for the limited kit only as for now!

How is limited set of tropical pinny octopus Lada?♪
Basly Lee enters mini-body cream which bubbles, and quenches rich body shampoo and skin with moisture and simple can enjoy body care ♪ ^ ^ which is recommended in summer present with package with pineapple as motif

☆Pinny octopus Lada tropical body care kit (limited number of)
 1,944 yen (tax-included)


We do not fall apart! We do not look oily!

We suppress stickiness, oily look, and "mat clay foundation" of the finish which is mat sells newly lightly!
^ ^ which combines tea tree oil with gasurukurei, and fixes skin to feel of a material that is mat in smooth texture
We cover these time, pore and oily look to be worried about make break, and let's keep fair skin for a long time♪

☆Mat clay foundation
(all six colors) 1,944 yen (tax-included)
●Mild reckoning feeling and best ※no cover power
●Tea tree oil combination (natural sweet smell ingredient)
●Rustle mat skin which lasts long


Body shampoo is 20%OFF!

20%OFF popular fruit and nuts, body shampoo of flavor of flower for a limited time☆
(only as for normal price 1,296 yen → now 1,036 yen!)

Does flavor of limited satsuma (mandarin orange) not enjoy bathtime of ^ ^ summer that is off object, too?♪


"Pinny octopus Lada" comeback!

Limited number of than 7/28, does sweet ku tropical flavor "pinny octopus Lada" body care series that mixed juicy pineapple with coconut which was extreme popularity last year not enjoy bathtime for release ^ ^ southern country resort feeling?♪
... lineup ...
☆250 ml of "shower gel pinny octopus Lada" 972 yen (tax-included)
☆200 ml of "body sorbet pinny octopus Lada" 1,728 yen (tax-included)
☆200 ml of "body butter pinny octopus Lada" 1,944 yen (tax-included)


Hair pack of banana☆

Hair masks of banana are available! Banana series to wash hair worried about drying by combination in banana extract of natural humidity retention ingredient easily. We are finished with moisture if we moisturize with hair mask after shampoo, conditioner intensively♪




It is sudden, do you tell everyday feeling to everybody family? ?

It is somewhat embarrassed work and to thank for busy every day some other time at school and is not readily told?

Day when is good to such everybody!
There is how in May!

As for the name right out!

Mother's Day! !
[(๑ which is 5/14 in Mother's Day of this year•ω•๑)/]

Mother's Day to be able to already say big event of family.
How about conveying feeling of thanks at this opportunity?

Gifts wonderful one after another arrive at store……!

We are embarrassed, and it usually shows courage together with event not to be able to say, and is it gen erudehanaideshoka? ?

As maid of search for gift to budget and preference can do it, too,
Please feel free to consult!

Let's convey everyday thanks with wonderful gift★☆

All the visit staff of all of you wait (`, ω,')


<< spring Waku Waku campaign >>


April became warmer concerning the latter half, too!

May there be much outing that plan is made for GW? ?

It is news of advantageous campaign that is good to such an outing today!

[present campaign ①]
We present original specially made tumbler by purchase more than product 5,000 yen in shop★☆

It is the finish which is very stylish by design which butterfly flies about!
Let alone outing to attendant of lunch◎

[present campaign ②]
We present original mirror by purchase more than 8,000 yen including face care product☆★

It is very high-quality by white leather-like design!
Comfort which is usable even if it is foldable and puts up◎
Even if there are several pieces of stylish mirrors, we are not in trouble!
As is size that is good to carry; to attendant of trip◎

❤️ which becomes limited item which is available only by this campaign neither
As the staff is surprising luxurious plan, too; without right or wrong passing over!

❤️❤️ which waits for visit

*Both are in a limited quantity and are finished as soon as they disappear.
It is said that present is to one point per person.


<< extreme popularity peach series-limited revival tsu ☆ >>

Sorry to have kept you waiting!
❤️ where Vin yard peach series of extreme popularity is limited revival at last every year

Power up from last year,
This year,
・Shower gel
・Body scrub
・Body lotion
・Body cream
・Body mist
All above-mentioned five kinds come up!
With appearance particularly last year long-awaited as for the body mist which there was many of inquiry
It becomes!
As is preparation with a limitation of amount; without passing over☆
A lot of prior reservations become popular series that entered, too!
Come early by all means!


It is << staff soot! Outing item ♪ >>

It is THE BODY SHOP WHITY Umeda store!

Sunlight becomes warm, and days that it is easy to spend continue
Right? (`, ω,')

It is the turning point with early thing in April!
It approaches for the Golden Week and is with TAKO, and, let alone cherry-blossom viewing, may there be much outing which plan is put up such as trip and family friend and amusement park? ?

❤️ which is introduction of item which is good today in such season for outings

<< recommended item ① >>
・Skin defense 40 ml 3,024 yen 60 ml 3,456 yen
Large sunscreen which is exploding popular in WHITY Umeda store!
He/she protects skin with ultraviolet ray defence of maximum number level that we can display in SPF50 PA+++ and Japan well!
Besides, he/she leads to translucent skin as it leaves from face care series giving brightness of skin while protecting from sunlight! ❤️
As for what is usable quickly when we do not have the time as we stay and do not perform innocence◎
As 60 ml of advantageous size is in a limited quantity, to hasten! !

<< recommended item ② >>
・Peppermint cooling foot spray 1,620 yen
Cool-down to be chilly with foot which was tired from menthol combination.
Feeling is refreshed with flavor of peppermint, too!
Comfort ❤️ which is usable from tights and stockings
As it is compact, we enter bag and pouch completely!
Let alone outing to attendant of commuting attending school◎
When chilly feeling is addicted, repeaters appear one after another!
It is secret perfect gem♪♪

<< recommended item ③ >>
reinforesutoradiansuditanguringusupure 1,944 yen

Treatment which slightly rare spray type does not wash away.
❤️ which protects hair from ultraviolet ray damage
We OK just to make swish and one wiping before outing as it is spray type!
With sweet flavor of Bill Berry as hair colon◎
We will go out with luster hair quickly♪♪

Of course we are just helpful besides in outing season and have a lot of items!
(in fact, sho where there are a lot of products as well as body shop, body care)

As accept consultation, please feel free to contact; ❤️

Get a grip in precious outing, preinclination; and with every effort comfortable shimimasho ❤️❤️


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