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Merceria merceria / FARURU

Fashion goods

General store merceria having a large selection.
Accessory, accessories are full.

A lot of accessory accessories which attach color to daily life in "merceria" having a large selection of trendy fashion miscellaneous goods accessories Italian in shop named "general store", and accentuate. We should be able to surely come across new discovery when we peep out aimlessly.


From 10:00 to 21:00
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Studs breath of extreme popularity! The new color arrival!

KOLOR was received in studs breath of extreme popularity in autumn ♪ It is almighty item which is dressy, and is usable casually! As particularly popular KOLOR is sold out immediately, we wait early! It keeps all colors now☆


New item pierced earrings is available★

Another September! It approaches in autumn, and akuse for autumn is received in shin (^^) merceria one after another now. As you offer many pierced earrings, earrings including fur and ashimedezain, look by all means at store☆


Barrette for autumn ☆Buckle pin

A lot of barrette and buckle pins of asechidezain of KOLOR were received in autumn! Attaching has a cute one, but does a feeling of fashion in improving by plural errands more ♪ Please try by all means at store☆


Stole is bargain♪

We are just cutting the price of stoles in merceria of sale now being held in summer ☆We offer bright color taste or simple plain fabric a lot! As try-on is possible, we wait☆


New color addition ☆Studs tote bag

New color added to studs tote bag of extreme popularity! It is easy to match with clothes, and size of big one enters A4 ♪ As you have many colors, look by all means at store☆☆


Among Sale ☆Hair turban

We offer hair turban of scarf print and various print including stripe, floral design, plain fabric! We are cutting the price of products with KOLOR seal at cash register ☆For extreme popularity item, we wait for visit early♪


Under the latest arrival ★Bag charm

Latest pavedezain ★Bag charms were received! Scarf rings are received again, too, and this is extreme popularity, too ♪ It is very pleasant to change charm to feeling♪
Please try by all means at store.


At time of the rainy season! Banana clip

In coming season, we clip banana of extreme popularity more. We have scarf print and ribbon design, metal-based design a lot☆
As you can try, merceria Whity Umeda shop, please drop in by all means.


#Hair baton # Umeda # merceria

Hair batons of trendy item were received! We offer hair baton of various designs including turquoise and pearl ☆Please try. For extreme popularity product, we wait for visit early♪


We are rounded! Sun visor cap

It is sun visor cap of extreme popularity for coming awning measures! As we can round this, we can put away to bag ☆Back ribbon is the point ♪ Look by all means in our restaurant♪


The latest choker

The latest chokers were received☆
As there are embroidery design of fashion and denim, many designs including leather material, please try by all means at store♪
We wait☆


Extreme popularity! asechipiasu

Extreme popularity, pierced earrings of asechi material are received one after another in coming season ☆From small-sized thing to large-sized thing, we offer various designs.
Look for favorite pierced earrings by all means♪


The latest bracelet

Bracelets of various designs were received! It is good in coming season ♪ As you offer marble style or shell, look by all means at store ♪ We wait☆


Smile accessories

It is smile series of extreme popularity ♪ New works including pierced earrings and ring are received, too. It is recommended in suite and present☆
Look by all means at store☆


#Smile # bag # Umeda

The most popular smile shoulders were just received again ★As it is adult-like Nico, it is available regardless of the generation ♪ We wait for visit early now as all colors gather☆


Extreme popularity ☆Foldable hat

When, at coming time, is worried about sunlight; hat of outstanding performance ♪ We offer foldable hat in our restaurant. As we are put in the bag, it is very convenient ☆There is UV protection thing with function. Look by all means in our restaurant♪


Wallet shoulder of very much large extreme popularity

Wallet shoulders of extreme popularity were received again. There is pocket, too and can put pretty good belongings such as smartphones. In the case of trip and outing, how about? ☆You attach bag charms and can enjoy arrangement cutely, too. We wait for visit by all means♪


#Scarf # Umeda # merceria

A lot of scarves of extreme popularity are received. We offer slightly individual print, various color taste from dressy print ♪ Look at favorite scarf by all means in our restaurant.


The latest necklace!

It is scarf necklace that is recommended for all of you who are wondering whether to buy what kind of necklace at the present time! Design which we seem to wrap with scarf in MARU! Comfort which is usable to scarf as scarf ring is removable. As it is necklace, we can regulate length, too ♪ Please come to see!


Our restaurant extreme popularity nonikochan

Extreme popularity nikochanni new item came up! It is hat which is usable now until autumn! Color is black, margin, three colors of navy. As it is easy to match all colors and we have a cute nikochangatotemo and smile, atmosphere becomes bright, too! As it becomes the sunlight prevention, how about for cherry-blossom viewing?


It is admission season when we are a graduate soon.

We offer in corsage and broach richness that are good to special event. Besides, we wait for visit to merceria by all means as we have party Bag or party shawl♪


No. 1 popular bag♪

KOLOR is received in bag in bag of extreme popularity in spring. Two of body bag and small bag are set, and they are 6,372 yen including price tax. It is convenient for business that works as A4 size can install body bag. As small bag is breast wallet, pouch, size to enter including mobile phone, trainer can use in usual times, too and plays an active part in various scenes. We change shoulder and are possible. As for the arrangement that attaches scarf as it is simple design, and is cute ♪ Look by all means in our restaurant!


No. 1 popular hair accessories☆

It is received. Size is big, too and is substantial and it is excellent at presence and can stop even much hair well. As material uses grosgrain, it is available in all seasons ★To hasten now as there are pink and white of popular KOLOR!


Trendy pierced earrings☆

The latest trendy pierced earrings for spring are received. You follow on colder day, do you not enjoy spring fashion from accessory? We have akuse and hair accessories for spring as well as pierced earrings. We wait for visit☆


More popular

We have scarves for spring. From small size to large size, we offer from 1,800 yen. The staff including winding and scarf arrangement initiates. There are a lot of pretty designs now. Please find favorite print! We come to the store and wait♪


Under popular boiling!

We have nikochan items. We offer accessories, hair accessories, back charm. A lot of one purchasing kochiranonikochan item by love at first sight is extreme popularity from the staff! Look by all means in our restaurant☆ 


Of expectation…

Extreme popularity nylon rucksack entered in sai々nyuka! It becomes 3way type to be enacted to handbag, rucksack, shoulder bag! Both breast wallet and entering pocket are on behind and can put valuables! As it becomes wider than appearance in bag, you can put baggage so good. As we stay, and there is slight color, to hasten!


It is good in this season!

Fur charms were received. We offer in KOLOR, size abundantly. Popularity is large raccoon fur most. Touch is outstanding, too, and presence is perfect when we add sense of quality to bags which there is. Recommendation is pinkness ♪ How about in accent color of winter coordinates that are apt to become slightly heavy? We wait for visit!


Extreme popularity breath reentry load☆

Studs breath is available. Three phases can regulate, and they are very convenient for size ♪ Performed two colors of buying of in extreme popularity by the truth comes! Good bargain great as for the price for 1,100+ yen tax! How about for accent of styling? We wait for visit by all means.


Beret is feeling of trend…♥

We are pretty even if we match with hair arrangement! Color of our restaurant popularity No1 is black. Other colors are rich in kind, too. Would you like to find color looking good with visitor? We initiate into hair arrangement to be fogged, and to fit one and beret of beret. Does stylish feeling not improve in beret coordination by all means?


Autumn coordinates

For autumn outing, recommended item is wallet shoulder let alone hat and accessories. Wallet just becomes shoulder and can store smartphone, too ♪ We can omit trouble to give from bag and can smoothen payment, too and are easy☆
In ivory, black, three colors of development of camel, it is 4,900+ yen tax.
Look at product of staff recommendation!


Bag of extreme popularity!

Extreme popularity bijoux Bag series is available Shinsaku! It is usable for errand in party and usual times and becomes accent of clothes. How about this stylish Bag which is usable for accessories sense? We wait for visit of all of you☆


The latest fur accessories

It was received. When take in one, fur in coordination in the fall and winter; for fashion! We offer with necklace, pierced earrings, earrings. We wait for visit of all of you.


In this season trendy item★

Skinny ribbon ties are available! We rank hair and clothes and are usable for various arrangement! Even magazines are up-and-coming items by topic now. Please test in merceria by all means♪


Extreme popularity ribbon choker

Ribbon chokers which are excellent at presence though it is delicate, and are very pretty are received! We offer 700 yen ...! It is most suitable for accent of coordinates ☆We wait for visit by all means!


The latest beret arrival☆

Usable new item berets are available from now on! We are very pretty to dot in Tulle ♪ As there is adjustment string, it is convenient! How about taking in in coordination in autumn? Please try by all means at store☆


Lovely mature dignity akuse♪

We have majiesute. When we are arranging kururimpayaodangonadono, hair and put on, we are finished on ripe hair at a stretch! Arrive, and the staff including one initiates! We wait for visit!


Advantageous news!

In merceria, we hold some summer clothing accessories 20% OFFSALE now! Chance of bulk buying that popular akuse including starfish motif accessories is available in discount! We wait for visit by all means at this opportunity!


New color appearance!

Bag of longtime seller sold out with popularity immediately every time became new color and was received! A4 size is convenience for trip in what we enter well, and a lot of baggage enters, and key can hang, too ♪ ♪ Design is simple, but we attach scarf and charm, and arrangement works and is seen to expensive thing even if we attach to nothing! Excellence Bag which care is easy as we are in love in gohi, and is convenient! As it is popular item, to hasten! We wait for visit.


Extreme popularity accessories

Popular metal necklace is new; was designed, and was received. As metal moiety twisted, stylish feeling improved more ☆We are pretty when we add to plain simple clothes♪♪
You put on accessories of merceria, and do you not achieve feeling?
We wait for visit of all of you.


Popular No1 product!

We introduce most popular Bag in merceria ♪ This is good bargain for 6,372 yen tax-included in the body, shoulder Bag, three points of SET of pouch! As Bag of the body is large, and baggage enters well and is easy to do shawl, and breast wallets enter shoulder Bag of the inside completely, we can go out only in this Bag! Bag where pouch is removable, and it is excellent at functionality! Without right or wrong, passing over!


With bracelet fashion!

We had bracelet many for summer! There are various mats including beads design and metal design like summer. As summer approaches, fashion of the arm circumference is time becoming happy! We show cute stack charge account, too! We are dressed up with bracelet, and let's reach summer! We wait for visit of all of you!


The latest Bag arrival!

Latest Bag in Bag was received. We see, and saving is compact, but baggage can enter so good as there is gusset. In addition, bag of the inside is usable as pouch and is available as shoulder bag ☆Design is pointed with Leef print and camouflage print cutely, too! As it is this, popular item, to hasten by all means!


The popular item arrival!

Glass dome became accessories and was received! Beads entering inside dazzle and are very beautiful and are pretty ☆There are necklace, pierced earrings, earrings. You soak garasudomuakuse by all means, and do you not enjoy summer fashion?☆


In merceria…!

We have watch. Design ranging from bracelet type to belt type offers a lot in price hand. We perform adjustment of size free!
Season when fashion of the arm circumference is fun soon! Are you not dressed up by all means to hand? ☆We wait for all the staff visit!


The latest accessories arrival☆

Lovely mature stripe ribbon fork clips were received. As it is slightly large, there is presence. It is dressy and is available even casually in various scenes. We wait for visit by all means!


Season to be worried about ultraviolet ray!

Pretty hats which were most suitable for such ultraviolet ray prevention were received. Part of saliva becomes UVcare and protects this from ultraviolet ray. Dough can be fogged by rustle coolly, too. And as it is foldable, we can do it compactly and are convenient for carrying around ♪ Big ribbon is on, too and is pretty! As we offer other hats in kind richness, we wait for visit by all means☆


It is popular this year!

Popular star fish accessories were received.
How about star fish in coordination in the spring and summer?☆
We wait for all the staff visit.


We have a cute cap coordination♪

A lot of caps were received! It is usable in denim, rough coordination of sneakers to parka ★It is good for slight outing ☆Affinity with rucksack is outstanding, too! Cap is excellence item which is usable in all seasons. Please try by all means at store♪


After an interval of one year!

We had wallets of extreme popularity again. This is made of leather of eel. We are said to be leather which leather of eel is said to be strong leather, and calls good luck. While you use, do you not trade in by all means at all softly as you come even if familiar as you say even if "wallet forms" when we change wallet in ◎ spring that is usability preeminence? We wait for visit☆☆


The anklet arrival! !

It is spring soon!
In merceria, we had anklets of fashion degree item which improved in the spring and summer!
Let's nominate feeling for step with accessories casually♫


This year is extreme popularity star fish item, too

We had heaakuse of much-talked-about star fish motif again.
We offer in barrette, hair elastic, kind richness including comb.
Check it out!


We make an outstanding performance this spring!

We introduce recommended scarf arrangement. Do ribbon end from the top where made ponytail and dumpling; and for this year-style arrangement!
Bind Bag and neck as well as hair; and for point!
The staff suggests coordinates!
We wait for visit by all means.


Fashion is unmissable!

Trendy item, scarves of this year were received. Reach neck and wrist or bag and can enjoy fashion that is circles concerned. As we arrange in various ways and initiate, we wait for visit☆


Trendy item★

Buckle pins were received. We transform ourselves into modern arrangement in conformity to ponytail and half up! As number includes limit in popularity item, we wait for visit early by all means!


Femininity item which improves☆☆

A lot of latest rings were received. We offer in kind richness from simple design to gorgeous design. Layering kenadomo is recommended! We can enjoy fashion cutely to finger-tip! We wait for visit by all means.


In February, event is full!

In merceria, we have party item.
In coming season, we offer in kind richness including graduating students' party to honor teachers, admission type, party Bag playing an active part in wedding ceremonies where we are a graduate and shawl corsage. As the staff gets on consultation of coordinates
We wait for visit by all means!


Trendy feeling!

In merceria, we have broach. From errand, we are usually stylish to party coordinates!
Arrive and perform stack of small broach and is recommended more gorgeously☆
Please try by all means!


The latest arrival for spring!

We had new works for spring! Accessories of KOLOR and trendy scarf and hats are received one after another in spring, too! Do you not enjoy spring fashion earlier? ☆We wait for visit by all means♪


For the last time reduction in price!

In merceria, hat, muffler for winter, some bags 70% cut in OFF. By all means this advantageous opportunity without passing over!


Furthermore, we cut!

From 18th, accessories with seal, hair accessories 50% cut from off more, and 70% are off!
Chance of bulk buying that popular item is available in discount!
We wait for visit by all means♪


Popular ponytail holder clip!

We have popular ponytail holder clips one after another. It is simple and is easy to put on and is gathered up neatly. As we can have trial, we wait for visit by all means♪


Usability preeminence☆

Popular rucksacks are available again! Color is black, white, three colors of navy. It is very convenient rucksack which is usable in shoulder cliff as rucksack. There are a lot of pockets, too and is easy to use.
We wait for visit by all means!


Eel coin purse

We had coin cases of extreme popularity again! 1,800+ yen tax, small size are 1,500+ yen taxes large size.
Leather of eel is strong, and, at size that large size enters card, small size is said to be leather calling good luck at palm size.
We wait for visit by all means now as color gathers!


The popular Crescent pin arrival!

A lot of popular Crescent pins were just received! It is simple and can easily arrange.
As trial is possible, we wait for visit by all means♪


The latest Boston bag arrival! (11,000+ yen tax)

Stylish Boston bags are available. As there is gusset, and there is lock, we are reliable! When add big charms; more smartly!
We wait for visit by all means☆


Big fur knit cap (4,500+ yen tax) with

We had popular knit caps again. Color is pink, gray, three colors of white. Fur comes to be produced, too and can do it casually cutely.
We wait for visit by all means!


Greatly for fashion!

In merceria, it is big, and bold necklace is popular. Above all, when bijoux necklace can arrive with popularity, it is very gorgeous and is beautiful ☆It is usually usable in both errand and party. Please try by all means!


Getting popular! PETIT necklace☆

It is cold, how are you getting along? We have a lot of PETIT necklaces in merceria. It is small-sized design, but turtleneck and affinity become point well. It is popular among presents. As we offer, how about cute lapping BOX by all means on Christmas? We wait for visit!


Popular banana clip reentry load!

We had popular big ribbon banana clips again!
There is greatly presence and is very pretty when we put on☆
Above all, tweed print is popular.
We wait for visit by all means now as there is stock!


Recommended hat arrangement!

We have a lot of hats in merceria.
We add hair arrangement to hat and are prettier!
When put on much-talked-about Crescent comb; more smartly!
As you can try in our restaurant, we wait for visit☆


What I did for Christmas coordinates?

We had popular bijoux Bag again! Above all, clutch is popular, and is unbearable toward the bijoux enthusiast; is designed. Do you not enjoy fashion for Christmas and the end of the year? We wait early by all means now as we have a lot!


Of now topic! Crescent comb

We had much-talked-about Crescent combs again! Color is silver, gold, three colors of bronze development. Actress going to nine a month dramas puts on and is very just hair accessories of popularity.
Come to our restaurant in various one which we arrive, and one is formed on by hair arrangement by all means☆


Great reaction! We did sai々nyukachi.

bag with bijoux had limitation again.
Bijoux is usable for accessories sense shiningly,
It is pointed fashion.
Senior stylish in this as for you!


Required item usable now for autumn!

We offer in all the rage felt hat kind richness.
Do you not begin autumn fashion with accessory?


You can experience comb arrangement!

Season when we wanted to gather up hair came over.
We explain the comb arrangement method in merceria.
Comb arrangement is easily possible by oneself!
Yukata hair or party hair are perfect with one comb, too! Please try on by all means. We wait.


Large boryumi is feeling♡

Large ribbon is extreme popularity! It is charm that various hair styles can enjoy even half swept-up hair style in one cutely! As try-on is possible, we wait for visit by all means.


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