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Calligraphy / Japanese painting materials, art industrial art object

In well-established shop which is loved from person of painter and calligraphy
Living to enjoy heart of traditional culture and the sum.

Store specializing in calligraphy article and Japanese painting art supplies, incense, sum flavor products (tasteful article of the sum). We make = (red) which everybody longs for [tan], colorful beautiful thing including [blue] = (blue) [great deal of effort] and provide.


From 10:00 to 21:00
Phone number

150-330,000 yen



"Hina postcard mini-colored paper with all wish to happiness" offer

With wish to growth and happiness that are healthy for grandchild and child,
We draw the Dolls' Festival on postcard and mini-colored paper (we swell, and picture tears off, as for the picture, possible)
Do you not send?
We had we had you create the work in the same way separately, and TANSEIDOU bring
We draw lots afterwards in one and offer present.
In addition, of main store, Hanshin store, UME basement store, Nagoya shop, Tokyo shop
We distribute and perform summary of 45 the first ostensible reason in booklet.
We look forward to application.

・Theme: Hina doll and message with all wish to happiness
・Application method: You create theme, and please have in store
・The application deadline: Friday, February 10, 2017
・We offer product for 2,000 yen by lottery (five)
・We summarize for each store first arrival 45 people in booklet and distribute work
・We post in Hanshin Department Store 9F from Thursday, February 16.
We post afterwards in TANSEIDOU main store
・We post all works on homepage
・As a general rule, we do not return entry
・Pastiche violating intellectual property of third party prohibits


There is also a souvenir of calligraphy and Japanese souvenir

calligraphy, Japanese painting, Japanese arts & crafts,seasonal goods,incense
(soil 产 to*yu Japanese-style other than article for the 书 method, Japanese painting materials, joryo 传统 mechanic 艺 product.)


Summer Japanese fan 1,836 yen (tax-included) ...

We offer man and woman in various ways.


Shellfish alignment (pair) 2,700 yen (tax-included)

Competition of making shellfish-theme tankas to introduce Japanese old elegant Heian dynasty culture into. Please use for display and gift-giving. With vanity case.


Manager Mika Ninomiya

We have postcard, letter paper, Ayaka of the sum with sense of the seasons a lot. As you help with search for hobby, please come to the store. We axially install and frame and heard sewing of Japanese fan.


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