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Comfortable space full of vigor to represent underground shopping center of Japan

User on approximately 400,000 days visits Whity Umeda located at huge terminal where JR, Hanshin, Hankyu, Osaka municipal subway is concentrated. Underground shopping center where has been got close to by nickname of "plum Chika" since opening in 1963 is renamed to "Whity Umeda" reflecting the image of white town.
"PETIT CHANP" which accumulated fashion, cosmetics, miscellaneous goods in the north side "mikke" entertaining customer as doorway of Whity Umeda in the west from center where eating and drinking, product sales, all service types of industry gather meet on the east side, and there is "IZUMINOHIROBA" which is famous as spot. This open space mainly on fountain pleases "eyes and ear" of people resting by refreshing sound of water and direction of light in open space.

Origin of logo of WHITY

We put WHITE and CITY together and express white town which was reborn.
White is fashionable and is color to represent fresh image youthfully.
Furthermore, we might say doorway of Osaka Station there and proposed "umeda".

Basic information

The location Umeda, Komatsubaracho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi underground shopping center
The number of the people from daily estimated next town 400,000 people
Deferred floor space 31,336㎡
Business area 13,720㎡
The number of the stores 191 stores
The opening of business November 29, 1963 (Showa 38)
Reopening April 24, 1987 (Showa 62)
Whity Umeda office TEL. 06-6312-5511