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Whity Umeda, located under the massive terminal where the JR, Hanshin, Hankyu, and Osaka Subway lines meet, is visited every day by approximately 400,000 people. This underground shopping mall, which had been known by its nickname of "Umechika" since it opened in 1963, has now changed its name to "Whity Umeda". Whity is a word coined from white and city to represent the reborn white mall. The area located on the western side of the central area, where you can find a variety of tenants ranging from restaurants and retail shops to service outlets, is called "mikke" and it serves as the welcoming gateway for customers. Located on the eastern side is the "Izumi-no-hiroba" plaza, which is a well-known meeting point. This plaza has a fountain in the middle, offering the soothing sounds of water and the effects of projected light that entertain the "eyes and ears" of the people who gather in the plaza.