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JAPAN. Tax-Free Shop


Whity Umeda i* JR, Hanshin, Hankyu, Osaka-shi 营 place 铁 concentrated large-scale pivotal 纽 district, 每 sky 约 existence 40 manjinto 访 this place. Since own 1963 (Showa 38) 开业 爱 sho*hijin 们 place familiarity of jishitagaihikani "Umechika", 现 zaiyoshi*gaido*taikeisho 为 white, inkohiaratamesho 为 "Whity Umeda." In living-in-汇 shuryosan 饮, 购 thing, clothes 务, it is 这 rizeyumeimatokaimen 场 place mukaesetsu*kyakumatotorai, 时, living-in-东侧 existence "喷 sen* 场" central regional west 侧 of each 类 effect, "mikke" of yuhihomare 为Whity Umeda gen 关 mouth. In zaii 喷 water pond 为 chushimmato* 场, it is the enjoyment of person 们带 next "gan**mimi 朵" of taking a rest in aspect 辅 sonari of sei澈matosuikoe*ko 线, 给 * 场.